13 Steps To Ensure You Don't Blow up Your Engine During Initial Start-Up

Starting up an engine for the first time can exhilarating, but not if something goes wrong. Here are some steps to make sure it goes right.

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Basic body work part 4: Wet sanding, buffing and polishing

Yes, a decent paint job can look good on its own, but a bit of work (and polish and wet sanding) can really make it shine.

Basic body work part 3: Applying Paint

Can you paint a car at home using rattle cans? Yes–as long as you’re willing to trade off some long hours for money saved.

Testing for Cracks at Home With DIY Dye Penetrants

There is an inexpensive, at-home way to perform a DIY crack and flaw inspection on many of your car’s components. The method is called visible dye penetrant testing.

Restoring One of the Most Iconic Acura Integra Type Rs

Between 1997 and 2002, RealTime Racing’s Acura Integra Type Rs dominated the Speed Touring Car Championship, winning five of the series’ six driver championships plus four manufacturer titles.

How to remove a stuck crank pulley with a DIY strap wrench

Need to change a timing belt, but the crank pulley won't budge? Here's how to get it unstuck.

7 Tips for Making Smart Miata Mods

How can you make yours faster on a budget?

How to Install New Suspension Bushings in 10 Easy Steps

Installing new suspension bushings is a very labor-intensive job, but one that will pay off with a more precise suspension and improved handling.

From the GRM Vault: How to Get a Great Paint Finish With a Budget Respray

You can get a respectable-looking finish from a budget paint job by following these steps.

Trash to Treasure

Refurbish That Rat in Just One Weekend

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