10 Common Suspension Problems and How to Cure Them

It doesn't matter how much you spent, your suspension can still steer you wrong. Here are 10 common suspension ills and how to correct them.

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4 ways to tackle rust | Good, better, best, ideal

Corrosion never sleeps, but sometimes it takes a nap.

Painting a Car at Home Part 1: Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Can a quality paint job be had for cheap and done at home?

Test your car's aerodynamics for less than $100

Our C5 Corvette features all the aero gear, but could we use some simple, low-buck testing methods to measure its effectiveness and efficiency?

Understanding Shock Absorbers, Dampers and Struts | Handling Basics

Whether they're called shocks, dampers or struts, these pieces are critical for performance.

This IMSA GTO homage brings back the flamethrower

Rainer Bonetsmüller couldn’t buy one of the famed Audi IMSA racers, so he built his own.

Placing our virtual Nissan 350Z Inside a virtual wind tunnel | Against the wind: Part 2

Welcome to the future, where virtual aero testing happens in a virtual wind tunnel.

The Chrysler Cordoba: Like a '60s muscle car, but not | Low-Buck Tech

Does the Chrysler Cordoba count as a muscle car? In the eyes of the 24 Hours of Lemons, it's close enough.

First-generation Audi TT | Buyer's Guide

Love German cars and want to stand out in the crowd? Why not a first-gen Audi TT?

How to stretch the gas budget? | Fuel Tips

How you can spend less on gas–by using less gas.

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