What's up with midgrade gas?

If 87 and 90 are enough for most cars, why does midgrade gasoline exist?

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How to clean intake deposits in direct-injection engines

How to remove carbon deposits from the intake of a direct-injection engine? Zachary J. Santner, senior specialist of quality at Sunoco, offers a few solutions.

How to make the jump into the world of race fuels

Looking for more octane, more stability, more consistency or even more ethanol out of your gasoline? It may be time to make the switch to race fuels.

91 vs. 93 | Are you giving up power?

If an engine can be tuned to make more power on 93-octane fuel than 91, does that mean west coast racers have access to less horsepower?

Porsche 75th Anniversary: Expect the Unexpected | Book Review

Grassroots Motorsports reviews “Porsche 75th Anniversary: Expect the Unexpected” by Randy Leffingwell.

How fresh is that fuel? | Fuel Tips

Wondering if the date marked on those pails and drums is really how old the fuel is, or curious how long gas stays fresh? We ask Sunoco to find out.

The best fuel to feed a rotary engine?

Considering how unique the rotary engine is, we reached out to see which fuel is best for getting the most power and longevity out the engine.

Expert tips on finding and transporting race fuel

There are a few extra steps to consider when it comes to finding and transporting race fuel.

How to handle gasoline safely and remain fire-free | Fuel Tips

Gasoline catching on fire can quickly turn into a big problem–here's how to make sure that doesn't happen.

The science of high octane fuel

We briefly discuss the science behind high octane fuels.

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