How driving instruction can make you faster on track

By J.G. Pasterjak
Nov 30, 2022 | Driving Coach, Driving Instruction | Posted in Features | From the Nov. 2022 issue | Never miss an article

Photography by Dave Green

It’s no secret that track time is more accessible and even more affordable than ever. But time spent on track isn’t always time spent improving–and if improvement is your goal, then structured training should be part of your plan.

Behind nearly every great athlete is a great coach–or even several great coaches. And while elite athletes are typically gifted with outstanding …

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paddygarcia GRM+ Memberand Reader
9/19/22 10:22 a.m.

It's an old saw, but tightening up the nut behind the wheel is probably the cheapest and fastest way to get faster. 

bobzilla MegaDork
9/19/22 10:53 a.m.

I had the recent pleasure of having one on one instruction with data to help sort the car and driver recently. It was amazing. I shaved over a second off my personal best at Gingerman with technique and another second the following day with car setup changes done the night before. So yeah.... getting that personal one on one is definitely worth the money if you want to better yourself!

Robertson Racing, basically Scott Robertson of GLTC and One Lap "fame" knows his E36 M3.

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