tnturbo None
8/2/08 11:28 p.m.

I am parting 2 88 TCs, one auto and one manual. Both trannys are gone but everything else is there. both dashes are cracked. 5 speed is wrecked in rear. 5 speed is white with red and auto is white with blue. One motor lost a cam follower and hurt the cam but ran STRONG before ( 5 speed 160k) Auto motor needs turbo seals and front oil seals ( 120k). Normally I am 500 miles from the cars, but will be visiting my family the week of Aug 14 so will be able to pull anything you need at that time. Make me a reasonable offer on whatever you want and it is yours. I will be pulling VAMs, injectors, etc if no ones speaks for them I will be listing common parts on eBay when I return to Memphis. Both car cars off Exit 4 of I-81 in TN and in a dry storage barn. I have several intercoolers, a FMS spoiler and maybe a 140 speedo if my friend that claims he wants it doesn't take it.

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