Tom Heath
Tom Heath Webmaster
6/24/10 10:25 a.m.

Step 1: Go to our Grassroots Motorsports Event Calendar

Step 2: Click the "Add an Event" button in the upper right portion of your screen.

Step 3: Use the pull-down menu to select the host club for your event. If your event isn't hosted or organized by a regular club, click the "Not a club" link on the next line. (Note: Independently run events need to be approved separately by a member of our staff. Please be patient or send us an email to let us know right away.

Step 4: Complete the rest of the form. The blue question mark icons are there to help, so don't be afraid to click them if you're stuck on a step. (Note: Use the 2-letter postal abbreviation for your state. The site will shorten anything in this space to two letters anyway!)

Step 5: Click the "Submit Event" button at the bottom of the form. The system will check your work and ask for corrections if needed.

Step 6: If everything is in order, you'll be offered a Grassroots Motorsports goodie bag to distribute as door prizes, raffle items, or giveaways. Just check the box and provide a mailing address for us to mail your goodies to. Even if it's the same address as the event, please make sure to list it again on this portion of the form.

Step 7: Come back to this forum and start a discussion. This will become your best opportunity to have dialogue with event participants, plan side trips and arrange meetings during the event. You can also post photos of previous events, show previews of various attractions, or keep people updated on changes or breaking news.

wbjones PowerDork
2/22/14 6:03 a.m.

yes you are

EastCoastMojo GRM+ Memberand Mod Squad
2/22/14 8:51 a.m.

Zombie thread, canoe removed.

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