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TimM New Reader
12/13/20 4:26 a.m.

Azryael:  It does seem that way.  I'd think incredibly rare to see a speed limit increased as more traffic appears.  We can hope!  Nonetheless, the opportunity to probe the top end limit of a car legally is incredibly fortunate for Europeans.  I make it a point to test every car I drive just for the auto enthusiast in the states.  :-)  Best number so far is 190 mph/306 kmh.

Few more parts showed up:

New main bolts (OEM):

Test fitting:

Front (oil) plate hardware...ours is missing:

More cleaning:

More test fitting (more entertainment than a Rubiks cube!):

More test fitting (What does this do Dad?):

Our 'replacement' camshafts arrived...these are one step over stock and hopefully give an extra 20 HP...GSC model S1:

Cam card:

And requisite valvetrain support - no tick lifters (no lash caps!!!):

Latest beehive springs with Ti retainers (not the best experience with Ti on a street car - manufacturers have told me they are consumable parts):

Full OEM gasket kit (for a later model...hopefully most apply):


Mahle pistons are set to arrive at the beginning of the year along with new valves and locks...

TimM New Reader
12/18/20 3:03 p.m.

Few more parts arrived...this time for UAE.  Not sure why they have Evo V OEM parts in UAE...but we sure did get hit on import tax!  That was not planned for...nearly $180 extra on 4 wheel bearings.  Learned our lesson!


Will put some time in on the Camaro so we can transfer the jackstands to this car and start disassembly!  Someone is getting anxious...

TimM New Reader
12/24/20 3:39 p.m.

Finally - class has begun!

Discussed how to jack stand a car...not unlike a Subaru STI!  Someone amazed at 100 pounds could lift ~2500 pound car:

Loves the impact tool (lefty loosey):

Off with the caliper (the bolts were tight!):

And axle - plan to install new boots and regrease...first for both of us!:

Day 1 complete...

Nah, this won't be loud!...Actually it is Japan and German certified so likely it will be reasonable in sound (Fijisubo RC1A SS 3 in system):

Contacted Summit about our Manley exhaust valves (ours were burned)...Another 2 weeks awaiting shipping (been 6 already).  They offered $25 concession - acceptable.  The head shop is closed now anyway.

TimM New Reader
12/25/20 1:54 p.m.

Success!  Ready to ship for rebuilding/refinishing...

TimM New Reader
12/27/20 12:17 p.m.

Christmas came a day later...box from STM full of goodies.

New sensors (original crank position indicator was looking a bit crusty):

More pieces to the puzzle - transfer case bolts - new OEM!:

Dust covers and more correct hardware:

And some small victories - new pedal pads for fresher interior and simple install for the lady:

And to keep the femine side happy - a bit of arm twisting to add some color to the auto:

I will try to keep it to a minimum!  (we did need new ones versus the three varieties before)


TimM New Reader
12/31/20 1:54 p.m.

Christmas came again...6 weeks to arrival...Mahle forged pistons...and a simple installer (bit of a splurge):

Piston skirt coating and overall phosphate covering:

Few specs:

Nice improvement on the OEM injector flows - a good baseline to start from.  We expect to require slightly larger eventually.  Wonder if #1 may have contributed to the previous engine failure?:

At least they look the part:

And some progress...off with the old arm - can't believe it is aluminum under that filth:

TimM New Reader
1/1/21 12:17 p.m.

Nice comparison - new parts are so nice:

Assistant learned about levers - 8 inch ratchet doesn't quite have the same torque as an 18 inch breaker bar.  She pulled the bolts herself as we removed the seat for further cleaning:

Another easy kill - polished the Mishimotor radiator - a bit of brightness to the dim engine bay:

Fresh O2 sensor...boy was it tight!:

Hmm...a rather quick de-mod from a previous owner:

Following a good cleaning - tomorrow may allow us to install some new parts...

TimM New Reader
1/2/21 12:41 p.m.

All clean...hard to notice admittedly.

First step...cleaning bolts the unpleasant way...manual style since unable to find the drill attachment - bummer: 

New suspension arm in and new OEM wheel bearing being secured:

A nice improvement, she things after the fresh DBA rotor, Stop Tech brake line and of course the purple lug nuts:

A few surprises...Hmm...what happened here?

Don't mind the grass - the metal chunks are a bit of indicator on past engine failure:

Suppose this could be patched up...the rest of the system doesn't look much better though after a closer inspection...

TimM New Reader
1/8/21 12:04 p.m.

Exhaust:  we were hoping to use the existing.  It is listed as a quiet system and the large tip is fun.  We also found out it is not a full 3 inch, but 2.75 in places so inevitably we will be looking for a 3 inch system.  Hopefully avoid excess noise...another expense not planned.  Quite a selection out there though...even for a 22 year old car!


Installation of new ARP 2000 rod bolts to the Oliver rods and test fitting set of King rod bearings:

Also pulled the driver seat for some cleaning...quite good condition.  Some 'fur' from abrasion...interestingly a fabric shaver/saver worked like a champ in removing the wear:

And several applications of carpet cleaner to pull the soiling up...3 times and still giving off brown stuff:

Tomorrow we will work on the other front corner...

TimM New Reader
1/10/21 3:21 a.m.

Temps are in the 20's now...chilly in the garage even with the heaters!

Received more hardware to attempt to piece things back together.  Found enough bolts for the water pump and the oil filter adapter installs..timing cover fasteners appear to be accounted for:

Pre-tear down of the left front:

Inwork!  All fell apart nicely especially since we know how to do it now:

Still contemplating the exhaust - likely update the turbo 'elbow' to 3 inch size, similar 'down-pipe' and cat back.  HKS Silent Power seems to be the winner - even though we will have to cut the 2.75 flange off to remove that restriction.  Unfortunate the existing system won't at least get us started...

TimM New Reader
1/11/21 11:23 a.m.

Started to look at the rear...

This fuel filler shield is in surprisingly good shape according to the internet - usually full of dirt and rots the fuel filler pipe:

We ordered new upper arms for the rear - still available new.

TimM New Reader
1/16/21 12:54 p.m.

Warmed the garage a bit to do some more education...

The assistant installed fresh suspension arm, wheel bearing, and rotor...all by herself:

The rotor was a bit of a struggle - rather hefty:

Then moved to the 'bullet'...checked ring gaps on the Mahle provided rings:

She was a bit put off at the tedious process of gap checking 16 rings (2 compression/2 oil scrapers per piston).  She should count her blessings compared to a V8...

With the results:

Researching if we need to buy a ring grinder...good fun though with 29 degree temps and no skiing allowed in Europe!

Azryael Reader
1/16/21 1:50 p.m.

Definitely recommend you head down to the Edelweiss Lodge in Garmisch when you get the chance. I recall it being a provided service by MWR, but not sure how much that's changed. Beautiful country that way, my home turf.

I'm sure you've seen the AFN commercials for it. Ah, AFN... such "bullspit".

It looks like otherwise you're getting along just fine. Seeing a nice, tiled garage floor again makes me want to tile mine, purely for aesthetics.

TimM New Reader
1/17/21 1:47 a.m.

We'd like to visit that area once it reopens after ~nearly a month closed...

Our cylinder head has been stuck in the closed shop for ~1.5 months now... 

Azryael Reader
1/17/21 11:10 a.m.

Yeah, the family tells me the tentative re-open date of Feb. 1 is largely in question with talks of further extending the closure.

Here's hoping things can get back to some semblance of normalcy soon!

TimM New Reader
1/17/21 12:21 p.m.

Where is the vaccine!

Started disassembly of the rear...bit more complicated with 4 suspension arms per side and the fun parking drum brake setup.  The wheel bearings are known to fuse into the housing too...cross our fingers.

We did use a ball joint press to free the top arm...boy did it make a pop - bit startling:

And the parking brake fun - always fun figuring out where all the springs/bar/'nails' fit:

TimM New Reader
1/20/21 2:30 p.m.

Old bearing out and stripped:

Teacher was successful in reinstalling the parking brake apparatus...did take a few tries.  Didn't want to disassemble the system, but the wheel bearing required it:

Another corner nearly complete:

We await some suspension arms and new boots on the axles.  Should be a good old messy time...

engiekev HalfDork
1/21/21 12:02 p.m.

This is the coolest idea! I wish I learned wrenching on an Evo 5 instead of a DSM!

Loving all these oddball mitsu builds being posted recently.

TimM New Reader
1/23/21 2:43 p.m.

The assistant isn't quite convinced this car is for her... ;-)  I'm having fun no matter.

Did get the last corner halfway done...lost a sway bar link nut (seized), otherwise pretty easy.

Warm enough to clean up some fasteners with the newly arrived Amazon.de wire brush!  Much less effort:

New parts arrived including one more piece (bolt) to the puzzle...timing belt idler pulley installed!:

And shampooing the rear seat:

TimM New Reader
1/30/21 4:59 p.m.

Some packages finally arrived...although 4 more stuck in UK to Germany BREXIT customs jail...

Full valvetrain finally sourced - Manley Race Master SS valves/locks, GSC beehives, and GSC Ti retainers.  Now if businesses reopen to reclaim our cylinder head...just extended the lock down thru mid-Febuary!

Summit took 8 weeks to finally cancel the exhaust valves - received thru STM.

We had a nice discussion on steel versus titanium and beehive dynamics.  Also significance of the stresses on those tiny locks versus operation of 8000 engine rpms!

TimM New Reader
2/5/21 11:32 a.m.

Took over 60 days to get our valve cover and crossmember returned from the powder-coaters...great quality it seems.


After with near OEM color - will add some pop to the engine compartment!:

Engine/trans crossmember:

Now we just need a cylinder head to put it on...German lock down continues...

Also got word that our Brembos are ready for shipping...starting to feel like we are making progress.

TimM New Reader
2/6/21 11:45 a.m.

Popped in new seals...perimeter and spark plug:

Also installed the OEM sealing washers (@ ~$3 each!) for the valve/rocker cover - at least the new finish won't be marred:

Test fitting the ARP studs - understand a common sense upgrade to minimize head gasket issues with elevated boost levels:

And assembling the front crossmember - fresh parts are a joy to work with:

759NRNG (Forum Partidario)
759NRNG (Forum Partidario) UberDork
2/6/21 5:13 p.m.

"The assistant isn't quite convinced this car is for her... ;-)  I'm having fun no matter."

From what I can see up to this point is, that the pink croc wearing ,aquamarine nail paint sportin' assistant is doing ALL the wrench twisting. Am I close?  Oh, and your camera work/text editing is well done also.





TimM New Reader
2/13/21 2:07 p.m.

759NRNG:  Appreciate the comments.  We figure the more sweat she invests, the more satisfaction she may gain on that first jump on the 'Ring (passenger seat of course...).  ;-)  Of course, she is limited to swinging about 40 ft/lbs so some assist is provided...and got to keep it fun.

With temps near 10 degrees...garage struggles to be habitable for some folks.  Nonetheless, we ended up adjusting a tool we specifically ordered to hold the wheel hub to torque the axle nut.  Pop didn't read the fine print so...we had a nice discussion on how to step drill metal and without torching the drill bits.  Small success...once we service the axles...

Fits like a glove...

Got word 3 packages from UK are arriving Thursday...but they are coming with a 20% upcharge courtesy of brexit..hurts the pocket book a bit...

759NRNG (Forum Partidario)
759NRNG (Forum Partidario) UberDork
2/13/21 5:12 p.m.

TimM , curious would you have installed cross drilled rotors if available?   What brand is that spanner ? 

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