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TimM Reader
2/27/22 5:57 a.m.

Thanks gents!  Huge satisfaction to actually have it move you down the road - real reason I (and likely most others) love getting my hands dirty with projects.  This one especially as it is a bit more serious of the rally bred cars than I've been used to and the family involvement.

Harvey:  will do!

Attempting to locate the oil leak (rather substantial, but only while on the road)...it might be the oil pan juncture to the block.  Seems hard to believe I could have messed that up...but since we have a new oil pan to install, would eliminate that possibility.  Disassembled for cleaning - pretty impressive workmanship:


We appreciate the workmanship/detail that went into the update.  Diagonal trap doors should completely eliminate any concern for our application.  Our 245 Rivals won't provide that much stick!

tperkins New Reader
2/28/22 12:38 p.m.
TimM said:

Major progress today...weather appeared good and road clear - time to get temporary plates!

Off to registration...

Next to go for the maiden voyage around the block and point it toward the alignment shop 40 miles away!  Less than an hour later - arrival and enjoyed each minute of the drive learning to drive right hand drive/shift on the left while watching oil pressure, coolant temps, hoping nothing falls off!

Success - other than an oil leak and a bit of surging idle (tune)...drove like I'd hoped.  Quick steer, firm suspension, lots of fun car noises (diff, exhaust, tire)!  On the rack:


Love the hood vents...at traffic lights, you can see the heat wafting thru - appreciate the practical elements of the car.  Unfortunately, the moisture was from the blizzard we got caught in...not enjoying the salty mixture on the road...time for a thorough underwash:


Overall no brake leaks (master must have just been faking the leak), coolant temps consistent with fan occasionally triggering, and nothing fell off!  The oil leak is the only hold back - something under the lower timing cover (on the oil pump plate).  Covered nearly 200 kms to include visiting the engine shop that patiently helped us with the bearing/crank fiasco (appeared he was very appreciative of the 'closure' of a running engine!)  Also, picked up the older assistant at school who started to see the excitement of a RHD JDM turbo sedan with a big wing and holes in the hood!

Dang, quick turn around! Awesome to give it that first 200 km shake-down. 

For your idle hunting, could be a vac leak and it could also be improper idle re-learn. Being that you are on a standard ECU, did you complete an idle relearn? Procedure is 10 minutes idling with no accessories on, then 10 minutes idling with as many accessories as you can turn on, on?

How do you like driving the car?

TimM Reader
3/3/22 4:21 p.m.

tperkins:  I had not heard of the idle re-learn - we will give it a go this weekend.  Thanks!

Car is a joy...very quick steering and seemingly light weight means for nimble handling.  Lots of turbo/by pass valve noises - love it!  

Love the detail on this pan:

Install was painless...actually easier than OEM due to slightly different pickup location (no finagling the pan into place):

Comparison of the OEM to Racefab pickup - notice the enlarged intake area:

Let it sit 48 hours and filled it with 6 quarts (2 more than OEM) and took it to the car wash for its first bath!

This will be a fun car - very quick steering and I noticed the faster we took the corners (rotaries!), the more my Assistant smiled.  This may be indications of things to come!  

TimM Reader
3/4/22 2:28 p.m.

Well, first attempt to pass inspection ended up with:

And on the rack:

The inspector wasn't pleased with the 'updated' fart can exhaust...not unsurprisingly.  Missed the noise limit by 1 db (96 db).  We should be able to figure something out...maybe a bunch old socks inserted...

But another 100 kms and I'm liking the car more and more.  Nimble with a responsive engine even doting at ~3000 rpm.

TimM Reader
3/6/22 5:47 a.m.

I have since fixed two of the three nits.  Awaiting this 'plug' (DB Killer) to lower the exhaust note:


In the mean time, passing 400 kms on the combination, gave a fellow car friend a ride - he was impressed although the 2nd gear 270 degree on-ramp took him a bit by surprise as the car transitioned between oversteer and understeer a bit - he took full advantage of the overhead 'bejesus' grab handle.  :-)

Another appt on Friday (assuming the db killer shows up)...this time I will take the young female assistant to the event and see if we can gain a bit of ground on 'pity'.  Ha.

I've already been followed to parking as well as engaged during other events for pics and inquiring about the car.     Do EV's get this type of attention?

TimM Reader
3/12/22 7:04 a.m.

Big news!  Evo has passed the German inspection!:

After updating this sewer pipe size outlet:

And 'plugging' it with a db Killer:

End result!:

Sound went from 96-99 db (waivered) to a solid 92.  I will say highway driving is now like an OEM exhaust...we realize this isn't good for HP, but a reaffirms the interest in a quiet exhaust...

We also did a few very minor adds...but lends to a finished car:

Missing clips:

Missing strut top dust caps:

Hopefully, now we can move to the next stage...tuning, dynoing, and a Ring visit (if it survives!)

tperkins New Reader
3/14/22 11:35 a.m.

It has always been a dream of mine to drive one of my evos there, thats awesome. Any luck with idle hunting?

TimM Reader
3/15/22 4:58 p.m.

The Ring even 3 hours distant is a real treat especially with the accessibility.  Love the air - time it can provide on a good lap.  :-)  Idle hunting:  no further issue.  Your suggestion did the trick although still untuned and yet to got WOT.  Anxious to do so though...will be a fun car!  Thanks.

engiekev HalfDork
3/16/22 7:12 a.m.

That oil pan is such a trick piece, really great idea as an alternative to dry sump systems. I may need to see if they make one for a DSM 6-bolt application.  Looks a lot more suited to lat-G than the Moroso pans.

Are you also planning a trip to Spa (do they do open track days?)?  You're ticking all us Evo fanboys wishlists!

I'm not as familiar with the JDM or early Evo 4G63s, does this variant have the "anti-lag" recirculating valve, AKA SAS?  As I understood it, this piece was installed to comply with homologation rules, haven't seen a lot of data A/B/A showing the turbine speed benefits.  It can be tuned with the factory ECU, though OEM tune is probably the safest to avoid melting parts.

These did not come on any US or non-JDM market Evos of any year.

TimM Reader
3/20/22 2:28 p.m.

engiekev:  SAS is indeed original equipment on this Evo 5.  We discovered this improvement when considering a new exhaust manifold...US market (and the aftermarket) do not have the holes so we would have to eliminate the system.  We've not done much research on the topic, but doesn't seem like a huge benefit with many disabled/removed...we left it on presently.

Spa is an option.  Also would like to see Bilster Berg as well as Salzburgring since they are within reasonable distance...we will see how this motor holds out first.

Permanent registration finally...new plates...and first family dinner outing to downtown Stuttgart (Five Guys!) for bit of torture test!

Passed with flying colors...also hit 23 psi and 6000 rpm :

Few discrepancies still, a clunk, loud exhaust, an occasional high idle (1500 rpm), and oil pressure (uh oh).  Changed the sending unit out today (I've had Autometer sender failures before) as it was reading inconsistently and occasionally 0 at idle with no dash oil light or any other indications.  We'll see after another oil change and few miles.


TimM Reader
4/16/22 8:27 a.m.

Well over 1000 miles on the car...another oil change to synthetic

and 24 mpg on yesterday's 200 mile trip to Worms, Germany.

Uneventful...although next to no sound deadening, twitchy coil overs, lack of cruise control, and a dead radio didn't win my co-pilot over. 

We still have a clunk (may be a dead front strut as the car wobbles in fun turns.  High idle seemed to be solved by readjusting the throttle cable.  Hot oil pressure is holding steady at 12.5 psi @ 800 rpm idle according to the Autometer gauge.  We changed out the sender to receive more reliable data...still not as consistent as one would like.  The switch to 40W oil seemed to gain a couple of psi at idle - a welcome change.

It certainly gets the attention - even on the autobahn in a stau, fellow enthusiasts start conversations...

TimM Reader
4/23/22 5:28 a.m.

More miles and more smiles!  Really enjoy driving this car over others.  Perfect for my urban commute and taxi service to the family.  It just works - no overheating, no leaks, small yet 4 doors and 4 folks able...quick steering never gets old.  Just need to get it tuned!  Seriously considering a Link ECU and move on...

Quick project...new shift boot to replace the aged original - admittedly, now it doesn't look much of a difference.  Comparison old versus new:

Complete - such an easy car to work on - love Japanese:

Also investigated fresh speakers...wondered if our Tweeters are OEM.  Seems not all have them - ours appear to be OEM - from part number to the ready for install door panel.  Of course, our originals are broke too:

And lower door speaker:


I'm not a fan of much of anything, but powerplant sounds...co-pilot desires Bluetooth...will look for an inexpensive, simple system.

tperkins New Reader
4/25/22 11:29 a.m.

What is your vin? We can see if you got the audio upgrade lol. 


TimM Reader
5/1/22 1:34 p.m.

Finally, got some time in the garage - ordered/received a Perrin Oil Filter Sandwich plate for the oil temperature sensor:



Originally installed in the OEM oil pan drain plug - but hardly got to 140 degrees, which didn't seem accurate.  We then moved to a RaceFab pan and the custom drain plug/sensor no longer fit.  The Perrin plate made install simply...although the filter now sits 1 inch lower to road debris...


Short trip down the highway returned 200 degree oil temps at 78 mph (~3600 rpm).  About what I expected.  We do acknowledge that a oil cooler should be installed eventually.

tperkins Reader
5/2/22 10:51 a.m.

There are also a couple ports on the oil pump housing that can be used. Just need a 3/8 bspt to 1/8 NTP adapter.

TimM Reader
5/7/22 4:22 p.m.

tperkins:  Yes, but I wasn't smart enough to figure out the adapter sizes!  Thanks for that info though!  We may rethink the install in the future...the sandwich isn't the cleanest option as you mentioned.


Another 450 km run up the road confirms that:

1) At least 1 strut is dead along with a top mount.

2) Understand the need for an oil cooler...sustained 4200 rpm cruise equals 235 degree oil temps!  Wow!  Will pursue a cooler as the factory did it.

3) The driver's side window now makes crunching sounds and won't go up...new motor and regulator is in the cart for order...

4) Really need it tuned so we feel comfortable above 150 km/h...;-)


We did pull the trigger today on a Link G4X ECU...along with an AIT sensor and bung (for installation into the post-intercooler tubing).  Expensive, but adaptable and hopefully user-friendly enough that even a caveman can do it!


Also, made an attempt to add tunes to the car:



Rear speakers are in stalled physically...need the electrical connections - not a plug and play, unfortunately.


Door speakers won't be as simple.  The Alpine tweeters we received are too large and will require us to cut the door panels - not desireable.  Looking at options...

TimM Reader
5/21/22 5:06 p.m.

Over 4000 kms now...got a break for the garage...worked the stereo install to gain Bluetooth as per the boss (young assistant):

Pulled the Sony Mini Disc Player and this was waiting for us:

Then got concerned when I noticed several unplugged connectors after pulling...so attempted to start the car...it ignited, but died immediately.  Hmmm.  Wondered if the previous owner installed Turbo Timer had something to do with it.  So also opened up beneath the steering wheel...lots of fun!:

In the end, not sure what I did, but unplugged everything and car restarted fine!

The excess wires / turbo timer removal:

And the head unit plugged in with the Crutchfield adapter harness for an Evo 7!  Lucky everything carried over year to year and JDM to USDM...

We have tunes...via the phone music!  She will be happy...unfortunately, she did not partake as final activities for the school year completely saturate her schedule...

TimM Reader
5/22/22 4:36 p.m.

Assistant inspected the install and deemed it a thumb up for performance...sounds good!

Also, discussed power steering and benefits of a fluid refresh...using the 3 liters of Motul ATF...over-purchased.  Dang it, we will use it all eventually as we suck out the reservoir after each drive until fully purged.  Messy stuff:

TimM Reader
5/27/22 5:57 p.m.

We had a driver's side front door go pop...and stuck in the down position.  I had noticed that someone had been under the door panel previously, so assume it has had issues before so ordered up a new motor and regulator from Japan - shipping was nearly the cost of the parts!  Hope to get to this tomorrow...

TimM Reader
5/29/22 4:58 p.m.

The Assistant lent me a hand in exchanging the PS fluid once again...keeps getting redder with each swap!:

And partook in the window lift change - big help with another set of hands finagling the lift mechanism in and out as well as the window security so it didn't break into a thousand pieces!

and complete!  (with old on the ground):

Believe we settled on a set of Ohlins struts...tired of the wobbly feeling!  And still waiting for shipping info on the Link ECU...3 weeks now...hmm.

84FSP UberDork
5/30/22 4:49 p.m.

I dropped you a forum message. Theoretically it should have gone to your personal email.  Trying to give Hungary Bill a hand with some medical supplies.  I'll be bouncing around Europe for work the 6-15 and was trying to find options to avoid shipping an oxygen concentrator to avoid damage.  I'm at davidkosse@rocketmail.com if you could help.

TimM Reader
6/18/22 9:43 p.m.

Not Evo, but still car fun from the same decade...visited brother and his mint 1994 RX7 that he re-powered with a fresh Mazda crate rotary.  Fixed all the leaks/lights/vacuum solenoid failures and added a catless downpipe/Racing Beat exhaust a few other minor bits...runs like a top!

Even better, he threw me the keys for 10 miles of twisties and insisted I ring the bell (8000 rpm redline warning)!  Love the smoothness of the twin rotary/twin turbo machine and all the music it makes.  The feedback and cozy cockpit are missed on today's machines.  How well we ever get the satisfaction in an electric go cart...and that shape - one of the most interesting cars IMO!

Also spied in during a quick trip to Whistler, Canada (downhill MTBs!) was a later 90's Subaru STI...it original, but bit worn condition - too cool!  Love the pink lettering, bolstered seats, and original 16 inch wheels.  The Canadians are lucky to get these 10 years earlier than the US...


TimM Reader
7/10/22 4:18 p.m.

We've got 6000 kms on the car with nary an issue.  Although we haven't gone WOT except once!  An absolute record for my ownership.  I'm tired of it, so a Link ECU was ordered and finally received after 2.5 months!:



and the associated Intake Air Temperature sensor/bung:



I'm hoping we can receive a near program and either begin to learn the intricacies of a turbo 4 cylinder combination or pass to a remote tuner.  Nonetheless, we need to feel the thrust of this automobile!


Additionally, we received these in the mail from GBE:



These are shims for the front struts to mount EVO 7-9 struts to the OEM Evo 5 uprights with supposedly no machine work.  The follow-on comment is an order for the Evo 7-9 Ohlins struts...from TireRack in the USA.  They have them in stock, 2 weeks shipping, no import tax.  


Last major item other than the above is an oil cooler...currently bypassed.  We will see if our motor build will take 8000 rpm before we add the assembly...should be fun! 

TimM Reader
7/17/22 4:28 p.m.

Getting prepared for the new struts arrival...laying out new suspension hardware...hoping I've ordered the correct bits (several weeks in process!).  The alignment pro suggested new eccentrics, etc to ensure the alignment stays what is should be - I'm ok with that - new hardware is always pleasant to work with.  The struts should arrive this week...2750 USD for the Evo 8 dampers!  Ouch.



Quick cleaning - two folks makes short work!:



And taking in the Top Gun movie...parked in the nicely lit car park:


TimM Reader
7/21/22 3:53 p.m.

Great news:  package arrived with Ohlins inside!



Bad news:  we were sent Evo X model struts.  Instead of the required "01" part number, we received the "10" part.  Bummer...another 2-3 week wait.  Kudos to the customer service though...just 4 hours later, they have shipped the correct models...not even requesting payment hold for the extra set.  Impressive in this day and age...although we've been a customer with the company for like 20 years.


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