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Run_Away Dork
10/16/22 12:56 a.m.

In reply to Norma66-Brent :

I'm hoping 5+ years. I'm at 5 years since I did my K1500, although I sanded off the rattle can paint and redid it with bedliner at the 2 year mark. The bedliner is now peeling off the rockers on that truck, but there aren't any holes. I didn't spray the insides of the panels on that truck, plus the bedliner was thicker and didn't wrap around the edges like I did with this one. So maybe longer.


Went to use my mom's sewing machine but while trying to set it up it was jamming up and getting tight. I didn't want to break anything since it wasn't mine, so I only had a quick look inside, but nothing obvious. Considering buying my own machine used, or just paying an upholstery shop to do it. I don't really have the room for a sewing machine. I'd do it by hand but I don't think I could make very straight stiches.


Went to fix this today. Leaking fluid between the tcase and trans. It also does this thing where it takes a multiple tries to change into 4WD. Always does it, and when it goes it goes quickly. But takes a few attempts. The previous owner said the tcase was "done last year" but I didn't really get any more info.


Shifting issue



I did some testing at the switch, that seems okay.

Removed, tcase, washed.


Fluid was a little dark


Messed up output seal on the transmission side. Around the 2 o'clock mark.


Inside the tcase. Magnet didn't have any chunks on it.


Had this little plate thing. Fix for the pump rub issue. I think this tcase is a reman....the actuator has a warranty sticker, the whole thing has a cheap silver paint job, the case didn't have any of the brackets it's supposed to have for wiring and vent hoses, it's got that budget pump rub kit inside.


This was probably the worst wear on the case. Still had the magnesium back half.  Got to decide if I want to just replace the leaky seals and throw it back together or get a nice pump rub kit. Not sure the effectiveness of the plate thing, it's better than factory but clearly still causes some wear.

What do you guys think?

Run_Away Dork
11/5/22 7:49 p.m.

Opted to slap it all back together.

Got the new output seal in.


Sealed up the case halves and put it all back, loud ticking noise when driving in any direction, in 2wd and 4wd. Pulled it out again, couldn't find anything wrong. I had basically only opened up the case, took a look, washed and cleaned, then put back together. So I went digging. Deep inside the planetary I found this


Which are the remains of the rear thrust washer in the planetary assembly. Basically holds the sun gear centered inside the carrier. It sits at the bottom of this basket here, the front thrust washer is on the opposite side. It's the one with yellow on it.


Tested this time using some duct tape and an axle nut socketyes


Oh and with the actuator off, found this tag. So confirmed as a reman.


Next I did the rear brake line. Old one out. Opted to DIY the line with NiCopp.


This stuff is a total dream to work with, bends by hand, both flares looked perfect and seem to be leak free on the first try.


Old brake line after trying to bend the worst spot.


Getting real close, just interior stuff left basically.


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