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Agent98 Reader
1/18/22 10:41 a.m.

Beyond words to describe this....Grrrreat! Fyi PATS on panthers is starter disable only. So for non CVPI cars get some lamp cord and a push button for the dash, the car will start and run just fine. I had to do that when my Marauder ECM needed to be sent out for repairs, spare ECM did not recognize the existing ignition key.

Geofordman New Reader
4/30/22 5:51 p.m.

I have been thinking about how I would do my 68 Cougar using the CV chassis and I have given my ideas for the trunk / rear wheelhouse area, so now I will give you my ideas for them front section for anyone contemplating following my crazy ideas. On the Cougar I'm going to leave the stock firewallin the car and weld it to the CV floor. I would then bolt the CV master cylinder to the Cougar brake pedal or booster and use the Cougar pedals. I would mount the CV gas pedal to the Cougar firewall. That would mean I could use stock Cougar hood hinges because I would keep most of the Cougar upper apron and rad support so the grille bolts in like stock. The CV rad is easily moved reward to clear the Cougar/Mustang forward sheetmetal.  Hope this helps.

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