8/17/20 6:50 p.m.


109 With that hydrostat. I started looking for tractors barely weeks ago and this had been on the FB marketplace; owner turned out to be one o' dem en-thus-i-assts who's owned nearly 10, and this was his last one he was getting rid of. Kohler still turned without issue, and he stated he had it running several years ago but had simply not used it in quite awhile and let it go to pot; but with 10 tractors, I probably would too.


Deck is SUPER scungy. I still have to scrape it off.

Kohler still turns nice and compression can be heard, but there's no carb and I gotta start finding spares for everything. The key and it's tumbler are also long gone.


I had to scrub it off; it was covered in still-caked on dust and the rear end was real greasy. My pressure washer only gets to 1500PSI so as long as I didn't aim it directly into any holes I knew it'd be fine; the inlet was covered with plastic and this is probably as clean as this lawn pig has been for decades.


Rear ID.

TED_fiestaHP HalfDork
8/17/20 7:29 p.m.

Awesome, if  it takes longer than 20 minutes to mow the lawn, then you need to work on the tractor.


   This has a lot of potential, this will be great....

8/27/20 1:28 p.m.


The naval jelly went down on the deck and the sound of the navy filled my garage. The deck clearly has had no work done for it in some time, and all the blades just need replacing instead of repair and patch- the nuts holding them on all need to be cut off. Thankfully, multiple coats of the FORBIDDEN GUM unstuck a lot of stuff- I should have done it sooner before wrenching off so many bolts on the belt protector.

This transformer transforms things.

Not much to do on this one, just shows that (in a different thread) I need to rewire the tractor as most of the organic loom has deteriorated and the wires have become brittle. As another poster commented, I'll probably go to a JY and try to yank as much of a car's wiring harness as I can instead of buying one due to cost.



Generator looks 'okay'. The armeture/field wires are loose and I'll need to find a way to keep them in place, but it's getting a full clean and test later today thanks to a basic guide I found on youtube. For a "basic" tractor like this, the FSM for these is actually really sub-par; torque specs are done on a bolt-type basis on a single sheet, and it gives no testing methods for the coils or anything electrical. Most of this stuff will only be "tested" by myself checking if they still conduct and generate spark, not by checking if it still tests within a range. YIKES

I'm gonna have to look for methods to see if I can swap in LEDs, but I am not sure how electronically "Noisy" this generator is. Looking at the wiring schematics the generator is physically isolated from most of the circuit- it's direct from battery for most the parts- so I think LEDs will be a drop-in but I'll likely need ballasts somewhere. This tractor had no lights and most of the housings were removed, so something sacrilegious like that won't matter to much hopefully.

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