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Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
7/5/21 6:40 p.m.

I did not! Good looking little car, I think the wheels mean it's a non-Si. I'm not 100% sure if the spoiler was Si-only.

While I may not have been attracting internet stalkers today, I did wax the car. It was long overdue. Looks pretty good. I was really supposed to be concentrating on the blue Miata but I got distracted.

greasemonkeyreborne_5x1gs New Reader
2/5/22 1:04 a.m.


Great story, great read, great car!  Awesome unmodified 85si.   Very hard to come by.  I can't recall seeing an 85si on the road in over 20 years in my area.

Glad yours is getting exercise on the highway.  I regularly take my stock 87  out of Texas.   Did Denver last October, Heading to Florida later this month.    Honda made incredibly reliable cars in the 1980's.  Rust is our enemy.  And then theres our plastics......

Some experiences I've had related to yours....

Alternator: rebuilt a 35 year old original ND alternator last week.  I removed bearings and carefully lifted off the bearing seals.  Grease dried out like cottage cheese.   Focusing on other 35 year old bearings to regrease. 

Back in the 90's when we had to drive 55, I would get 40-42 mpg.  Now i get 36-37, pure highway, no city.

The plastic fenders/header/sil/garnish parts are PC/ABS blend.  Honda called it HP- alloy (Honda Polymer - Alloy).  I bought my 1st CRX in 1993 and worked at the chemical company that manufactured GM's Saturn body panel resin  (PC/ABS blend)  .  After later connecting the dots, I picked up several Saturn door skins off the SL1 and SL2 models and use them to repair my panels.  Its important to repair using the same base material as coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is the key here.  Guys that patched using fiberglass during the early years complained about the cracks returning.  Expansion rates differ over temperatures and the bonds pop.  I believe those panels are so old, impossible to find oem uncracked , makes sense to keep a good set for show.

Back in the day, I'd test PC/ABS samples in -40F chambers.  Tough stuff.  Think of PC/ABS plastic as a frozen plate of spaghetti.  The noodles are the carbon chains of the plastic.  The strength lies within the length and interlocking of those chains.  Heat, UV and chemicals break those chains making them shorter = brittle plastic.   Bonding repair pieces together or a plastics welder (soldering iron) are other methods.  Repairing broken mounting bold holes are a tricky situation.  I don't see a better way than what you did.  Trying to keep the repair hidden is a real challenge.

You'll notice when removing header/fender bolts, the holes are over sized.  Honda designed the panels to float on the for body flex and thermal changes.  I had a hard time removing the those mounting bolts the first time as the rubber "bonded" the bolt to the plastic.  Had to be careful to not crack the panels when removed.  I replaced the rubber washers and tightened the bolts just snug enough to to allow the panels to move.  This might help.  Repairs posted  on RPR

Thanks for posting your sunroof repair.  I need to pull mine apart and regrease the cables.  How’s it holding up?  Smooth?

I'll bet your 85 is a blast to drive!  With only 140K, she's gotta be tight and responsive. 

Thanks so much for creating this thread.  Will enjoy following as your adventures continue.





Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
4/11/22 10:58 a.m.

I missed that post back in February. That's an interesting idea to use Saturn fenders as raw material. I have noted the provisions to allow the panels to contract and expand, and kept those whenever possible. The lifter repair for the sunroof didn't work, it snapped fairly early so now the sunroof is kept closed. I picked up a replacement at the Mitty a few years back but haven't dug into the roof again to fix it because I know how many fasteners will not survive.

To the current day - there's a new Cars and Coffee series in town. I decided to bring the CRX out to show it off after a quick wash. It scrubs up okay. I was told by the owner of a second-gen CRX that my car was "nasty", which apparently is a compliment now. I'm such an old man. The car was definitely appreciated.

I've also picked up an S2000 master cylinder and booster, which is puportedly a bolt-in and gives me a bigger master for a better pedal - I suspect I have a bad booster as it is. I'll also pull the pads and find out what they're for so I can get some fresh ones. I know it's a non-stock braking system.

03Panther UberDork
4/11/22 9:50 p.m.

My girlfriend at the times brother bought a 85si new, exactly like yours. He still had it, and had not destroyed it, a year later (a minor miracle) so in 86 we bought her an all black si. LOVED that car! Sold it 2 years later, just to dump the payments, but what a fun car. Miss it. 

greasemonkeyreborne_5x1gs New Reader
5/7/22 2:33 a.m.

Great to see your car in a show!   I got back from RADwood in Austin 2 weeks ago.  Not a single 1G.    I'm thinking these 1G's are more rare than I thought.   Keep it up!!

My header began cracking several years ago.  I had bought a new Taiwanese version (ABS) of our headers a while back.  The fit sucked, mold quality terrible.    So I cut it up and made these tabs to reinforce the OEM header.  I didn't feel like painting it at the time.


Its not a total abomination.  It gets you by as a DD.  



A crack formed in my lower sill.   after I bottomed out on this....





on a hunting trip a few years ago back in upper Michigan.

I fixed this one w the Saturn material earlier this year.


completed patch.  


Hope this helps for some other ideas.  The plastic panels has to be the main factor why these cars are so few.  It just frustrates the owners


I love these cars!   Glad your getting good use of yours.....


Keep us posted on the s2000 conversion.  I wasn't aware of it.  



Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
6/6/22 5:24 p.m.

The Vanagon trans project kicked the CRX off the lift when I was about the begin the S2000 swap, so it took a while to get it done. But it's in place now.

The S2000 booster and master is a direct drop-in for the stock parts. I had to bend one hard line down a little bit for more clearance for the larger booster, but that's it. For the time being, I have the fluid level sensor bypassed. The biggest thing I had to do was adjust the pedal up quite a bit, which would have been a lot easier to do if I'd been smart enough to check the length of the pushrod on both boosters when they were on the bench.

The end result is a nice firm pedal without all the mush. I haven't had the chance to drive it much - it needs one more adjustment - but it's definitely more boosted than before and with a nice firm floor on the pedal travel. I may play lego with the parts and see if I can put the S2000 master on the CRX booster.

Front calipers have been identified as 1991 CRX Si, which means I can order some real pads for it if I want.

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