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3/22/21 6:52 p.m.

Did not feel  the car work this weekend but wanted something to do, small and easy that could actually be finished in two days.

My MIG was on the original cart that was included with it, sitting approx. 1/8" off the ground. I had to lay on my creeper to change / reload wire. And I was carrying around the Plasma every time I needed it, then putting away, then getting it out, etc. A better system was required.


So why build it out of wood when I have all this metal fabrication tools?

My garage is full of xtra wood from a some remodeling  5 years ago, a pile I have moved 100's times. By using that I had zero new costs and did not have to explain to the wife why I need to buy anything (huge win). I literally had everything I need and didn't spend one dime on make the cart including the casters and the red J hooks. The wood is actually nice to add things to. I just put a drywall screw into it and done. No drill, grind, tack...

And the wife, knowing how my project budget can occasionally expand, was so happy she made me a cover for the MIG. She made that camo bag for my mask a few years ago too.

It works and its done! Oh - but now I'm thinking I might need to add an outlet. And 20-25' of 10/3 w/ a 15-20 amp plug...


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