SocameTi New Reader
11/9/19 5:57 p.m.

New "take it away this weekend" asking price!
I really need to sell by Veterans Day - I am trying to avoid losing my home before I can sell it.
If you are looking for a deal, NOW would be the time to contact me and make an offer!!
Note: at this price I am hanging on to the aftermarket stereo, but I should have the original available for stock restorations...
Also, no need to email asking if I still have it - as soon as it is sold I will remove ad.

Would also appreciate any info on where else I should list it or what to do to get any serious offers...

Looking for someone who knows what a type 1 Prelude is, and wants one to restore...
This was a zippy, nimble fun to drive car, and the best year and version of the type 1.

When last started was running rough, and it has been sitting for a while.
The least you would have to do for it to be drivable - new tires (the ones on it are too old to be anything but rollers - don't even consider towing on them), possibly valve work (could be the 5 year old gas, or a bad "igniter", or I could have got the timing belt wrong by a little putting it on in the dark, or it could have a bent valve or two), but it can't be worked on here to find out.

If you want it for parts, you have to take the whole car complete.

You get the best price if you make a REASONABLE offer and can deal with it right away...

I also have it listed in the parts section of craigslist...

Go to and search "1982 Honda Prelude" Mine is the one that is NOT $3500...

I only do email.
You must of course have cash - in person, no other form of payment - and access to a flatbed or trailer...Thumbnail for the listing's main image

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