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9/7/21 9:58 p.m.

GRM Price: $4500

Linking PimpM3's thread here - my ownership starts on page 6


I bought this in Florida on vacation and drove it 1200 miles home as a Fly'n'Drive - car is stone cold reliable.  I've driven it quite a bit after I got it home and autox'd it also - it's a pretty potent package.

Selling to make room for a project car I've had my eye on for a long time that has recently come up for sale.

Would really like this to go to a GRM'r, so it's posted here first.  This car deserves a great home.

Things that have been done while in my care:

- replaced belt tensioner bolt

- I will be recharging the A/C this week.  Compressor kicks on, is cool but not cold. Compressor is new (replaced right before I took ownership) there was a suspect crimp connector in the wiring at the compressor so I repaired it and it has started working.

- replaced fuel sending unit with new unit to fix gas gauge

-suede dash cover (dash started to crack again after PimpM3's fix)

- replacement instrument panel dimmer switch (OEM one made gauges flicker)

- added an exhaust mount and replaced some blown exhaust gaskets

- reattached the rear bumper cover (had some missing hardware / push pins)

- fixed the center console lid

- replaced the AC relay

- cleaned the air filter

-Fixed the Radiator hold down with a rivnut and new bolt

-fixed the A/C (wiring issues)

- Replaced valve cover gasket and distributor O-ring gasket

-Replaced front end link bushings with new poly bushings.

Can provide more pictures as needed.  As stated, really want this thing to go to a good home (preferably a GRM'r)

Only minor issue is the the parking brake linkage on the RR caliper is sticky (parking brake, not the caliper slides itself)  I currently have the RR parking brake cable disconnected. Other than that, car doesn't need anything,

Car is located in St. Louis, Missouri.  Can deliver for expenses.

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