Rotaryracer Reader
8/13/21 8:32 a.m.

This is the ex-Deaton/Deffenbaugh 1993 Honda Civic stage rally car that I purchased in 2018.  It has a lot of great parts, plenty of spares, and (as far as I know) still holds the G2 record at STPR on SS10/Cedar.  The car has competed in 18 events total (both rallies and hillclimbs), and it’s last event was Sandblast 2017 where it placed 3rd in class (O2L).

It’s time to face reality – I don’t have the time and space to finish this project.  I’d like to send this one on to someone who can build it and put it back on the podium where it belongs.  Please note – the pictures shown should be considered the “before” and/or glamour shots.  It is a disassembled rolling shell at this point and will need reassembly with the included parts to run/compete.  Bring a trailer and large, empty truck for all the spares!

Car spec includes:

Chassis -

  • Fully caged and NASA logbooked in June 2009
  • HotBits DT2 shocks with zero miles on full rebuild by Peter at Hotbits Canada
    • Brand new Eibach 60mm coilover springs – 11.8” Length – 342# front, 228# rear
    • Brand new strut mounts, bushings, etc
  • Brand new front and rear control arms, ball joints, bushings, and wheel bearings with zero miles
  • Good spares of many suspension parts, including spindles
  • Approximately 2,100# wet with a 200hp H22 drivetrain
  • Clean and clear title in hand and in my name

Drivetrain -

  • JDM H22A with fresh timing belt, water pump, and tensioner
    • USDM H22A1 for parts (good head for rebuild, accessories, etc) – broken rear motor mount casting on engine block
  • JDM Accord Si-R T2W4 transmission with OEM helical LSD
    • USDM Prelude M2S4 transmission with KAAZ clutch LSD (needs 2nd gear synchro)
    • USDM Prelude M2F4 transmission with open diff (cracked case - for parts)
  • Hasport H22 swap kit with brand new bushings and Driveshaft Swap axles
  • Brand new Rywire H22 Mil-Spec engine to ECU harness
  • Fidanza aluminum flywheel with ACT HD clutch
  • Chipped P29 ECU
  • Stainless steel header,“cat”, and stainless steel exhaust
  • Spares include brand new distributor, numerous uninstalled gaskets, alternator, brand new oil pan, etc

Brakes -

  •  1995 Accord front calipers and rear disc conversion with 1995 Integra calipers
  • Two sets of brand new Hawk HPS pads front and rear (plus the used set in the calipers)
  •  Hydraulic handbrake

Other -

  •  ¼” aluminum skidplate that covers wheel to wheel and one foot behind engine/transmission
  • Brantz International 2S rally computer
  • Sparco driver and co-driver seats
  • Sparco steering wheel with removable hub
  • Four “old school” Hella 5000 halogen lights in a fiberglass pod
  • A gaggle of 15” 4x100 wheels and assorted tires
    • Qty 6 – unknown model (but heavy duty) wheels with used 185/65-15 Maxxis rally tires
    • Qty 8 – EP Civic Si wheels with various tires
    • Qty 4 – MINI “Bottlecap” wheels with all-season street tires
  • Rear-mounted battery conversion (Optima Red Top may need to be replaced, but included)
  • Dual helmet box, toolbox, safety kit, fire extinguishers, etc
  • Brand new aftermarket rear bumper cover
  • Any Honda and/or rally spares I can lay hands on go with it – there’s more I’m forgetting
  • A thick stack of notes, receipts, part numbers, etc from both myself and the prior owner

So, what’s it need?

  • Installation of the drivetrain
  • Clean up and sorting of the wiring….it was running as-is, but there are bare-wire splices from prior owners and field fixes that give me shudders.  A weekend spent cleaning up the wiring with terminated ends heat shrink, etc would be time well spent.  Any minor wiring issues make me twitch uncontrollably...YMMV.
  • Repair or rebuild of inner end of CV axle – passenger inner joint separated when removing from transmission.  I was going to get a set of Raxles for $400 and keep these for spares.
  • Front fenders, hood, and front bumper cover - $2-300 for brand new parts; less if you go with junkyard/used parts.
  • Cut-off switch installation per ARA rules.  I believe I have a new Speedway/Ron Francis cutoff switch I’ll throw was originally wired with a Hella removable cut-off switch as the “key”.
  • Fire suppression system per ARA rules.
  • General feedback from current rally competitors is the cage should be good as-is, but may need a bar or two.  I can provide detailed pics for interested parties, but it will take a bit to get the car out of storage.
  • Harnesses are expired and will need to be replaced.
  • I’d throw a lick of paint on it and make it look nice, but that’s me.

Including the original price of the car, I have well over $10,000 invested.  It’s easily worth that or more in finished and running condition, but I can’t seem to find the time to get it done.  Consider this a DIY rally car kit with “some assembly required”.  I’m asking $4,500 or reasonable offer for everything listed above, but am also open to interesting vehicular trades (no projects please), including trades that would require money on my side.  While it would be more lucrative, I’m not interested in parting the car out.

Any questions, please let me know.  I can be reached at my forum username AT the Hotmail DOT com.




Rotaryracer Reader
10/23/21 7:59 p.m.

And....sold.  Watch for it on stage next year!

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