ascott GRM+ Memberand New Reader
5/12/24 9:52 p.m.

It is time.

And you’ll see why in a bit, but it is time for me to part with my 1994 Ford Probe GT. This has been a fun project and took me a lot of places.

This Probe:

Was drug out of a parking lot in Indianapolis in late 2019. It had not run in two years at that point. Since then:

Won the DriveAutoX SCN National Championship in 2020
Went to UMI KOTM in 2020
Went to the Ultimate Street Car Invitational in 2020 (COTA) and 2023 (Vegas/SEMA)
Multiple appearances at the Pine Mountain Hillclimb (IIRC it ran a 2:04 last year, on par with an NB MazdaSpeed Miata on Hoosiers)
Multiple TV and magazine appearances, and probably a dozen appearances in Optima Batteries and OSUSC online media.

It’s been to Laguna Seca, COTA, NCM, NOLA Motorsports Park, Road America, AMP, VIR, and probably a few I can't remember.

It topped out at 144 at Daytona International.

Lots of local autocrosses

It has a current SCCA Hillcimb/Time Trials log book.

The belts are current until December 2024

What’s good:


2.5L DOHC KLDE V6. Complete competition rebuild in 2021 with KAI Forged connecting rods with ARP rod bolts, CP Carillo forged 84mm pistons with floating 31mm pins, stock forged cranked turned .010 under, line hone, and competition valve job. Valve springs are uprated units sourced from a race team in Australia. Entire rotating assembly balanced and block assembled with ARP head studs. 

Original Distributor modified. Failed ignitor bypassed in favor or a GM HEI module

Brand new AWR Racing Engine Mount Kit.

Massive Derale fan behind an oversized Griffin Aluminum radiator and aux oil cooler plumbed with 5000psi rated lines.

T25 Turbocharger mounted with a DNA Motorsports manifold kit.

Spec Stage 3 Clutch

Dyno tuned by MCR in Park City, KY. Verified 210hp to the ground (~250 crank) at 8psi of boost. Fuel system can handle 15psi, but the transmission can’t (explained later).

OBX Exhaust

DIYAutoTune MS2PnP
AEM Wideband O2

Raspberry Pi 3 based Carputer in the dash with a small display, also is a wifi hotspot so you can connect with the Carputer with a phone/tablet/laptop using VNC to mess with the tune or get logs off.

GPS equipped, so your logs will match your GoPro Footage


Tokico Illumina single-adjustable dampers with Ground Control coilover sleeves and Eibach springs.
Front brakes are a custom big kit using Mitsubishi 3000GT rotors, Millenia Calipers, and some adapter brackets.

KAI Injection front caster/camber plates
Rear camber plates adapted from an FD RX-7

Two sets of wheels. Both 17x8.5. One set shod in 245/40R16 Falken RT660s (silver spoked ones in the recent photos). The other set shod in 265/35R16 Falken RT660s (gold five spoke TE knockoffs).

Alignment, corner balance, and chassis setup work done at Winning Formula here in Louisville, KY.


Bride fixed-back seats

Five point harnesses (Dec 2024 expiration)

A decent stereo (Optima requires one if you want to get a decent score)
Battery relocated to an NHRA compliant vented box behind the passenger seat
Battery cut-off switch located over passenger's shoulder

SCCA Time Trials and Hillclimb approved four point roll bar

Intertial fuel cutoff switch delete

Boost, Oil Pressure, and Oil Temperature gauges on A-pillar


Front lower core support rebuilt with roll bar tubing. This made room for the extra large radiator and provided a place to mount the front lower motor mount since the turbocharger piping required deletion of the stock crossmember.

Some rocker rust

Rear hatch rust repaired

Car is white. The Blue is DYC Persian Blue plastidip. 

Trackspec hood vent

A brand new A/C compression in case you want to put A/C back in the car
The old motor mounts
Full set of .25mm undersize rod bearings.
Well used T3 turbocharger
Extra broken transmission and shift linkage
Haynes service manual
Leftover plasti-dip for touch-ups
New oil cooler adapter
Laser cut crossmember flanges

I have at least $12,000 in the build. Likely more, I never added it up. The motor mounts went in last week were $500, and the oil cooler lines were almost $450 to have made. So that's almost a grand just right there. Reproducing the engine alone would cost more than I’m asking and take at least six months to get done at any decent machine shop.

The bad: The transmission stripped third gear at the PMHC this year. I got another used transmission, and it developed a pretty serious problem with the shifter forks on the first test drive. The car currently runs fine, but the shifter feels bad and you only have 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears. It will not go into 2nd, 4th, or reverse.

The splitter has a chunk out of it. It’s just made of alumilite sign board, take the splitter to a sign shop and they’ll cut you a new one while you wait.

I do not have access to a transmission place that can handle a rebuild on one of these manuals. It’s time for somebody else that can carry the car forward. I do not have the skillset and tools required to successfully rebuild the transmissions myself, and I have several other projects that are the future for me I need to get on the front burner.

Source a good replacement transmission and don't turn the boost past 9psi and you'll be fine. If you want more, the engine is good to 500+ with fuel injectors and a bigger pump. You'll have to solve the gearbox problem if you want to turn the wick up that high.

So, my loss, your gain. Mostly sorted time trial/hill climb track rat you can get going in a weekend if you can source a good transmission or get these two rebuilt. Or find a better body and swap-a-roo. There’s also a guy selling an adapter plate that fits a Toyota Camry five speed to the engine. Those apparently don't break. Google can find him.


Car located in Louisville, KY. Title is clear. Car is licensed and insured in Kentucky. Whether it'll pass an inspection in your state I don't know and can't tell you.

It is parked in the garage nose out, so it will drive out to the street and onto your trailer.

Video of engine running:

Photo Album of pictures taken today, including extensive underside shots:

Huge album of photos showing the whole build:

Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
5/13/24 9:42 a.m.

Way cool. Looks like whoever buys this is getting a heck of race car.

Best of luck with the sale.

gimpstang Reader
5/13/24 10:15 a.m.

That's nice.  I like that a lot 

ascott GRM+ Memberand New Reader
5/13/24 12:00 p.m.

Figured I'd give GRM first shot at it. If it doesn't move here by next week it's going up on the facespaces.

KyAllroad MegaDork
5/14/24 2:01 p.m.

Awesome seller and a very accurate description.  I'd need fewer projects to bring this one into my stable but it's still tempting.

ascott GRM+ Memberand New Reader
5/15/24 11:27 a.m.

In reply to KyAllroad :


ascott GRM+ Memberand New Reader
5/21/24 11:42 a.m.

Bumping thread!

ascott GRM+ Memberand New Reader
5/26/24 8:42 p.m.

Memorial Weekend Bump!

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