garymccormick GRM+ Member
3/2/23 11:15 a.m.

1998 Porsche Boxster 2.5, Fully Caged Race Car.

Built for endurance racing to ChampCar rules, and proven one of the most effective platforms in the series. Intentionally not 100% developed to max so that it can be flexibly run in: AER, SCCA Enduro, WRL, LDRL, PCA. Has current SCCA logbook and sprint raced in E-Production (eligible for ITR as well). 3 y/o low use build with 3-4 events a year mixed use endurance, track day, sprint racing. Turn key endurance racer w/ potential for the front with the right drivers. Also clean candidate for Spec Boxster, sprint, track day car. Will include binder w/ logs books, wear life, part #s, setup specs...
Built by RAD in Howell, NJ. Work done at Provost Motorsports (NJ) & Bodymotion (NJ) when not at home. Will be sold w/ title & bill of sale.

Car in action at NJMP in NOV:

Nothing forcing the sale just thinking of some different platforms and formats.

Build / 24-month service highlights:
• Engine replaced w/ ‘99 40k mi AT (Porsche factory rebuilt) engine, LN IMS retrofit added.
• Bilstein B8 Sport w/ H&R Springs
• Circuit Works Exhaust
• Schroth (2025) belts and internal side net.
• OMP THE-R XL seat on sliders accommodating drivers from 5’6” to 6’3”
• Demon Speed Adjustable Toe Links
• GT Racing Roof Skin, Painted w/ Polycarb rear window & straps
• OMP AFFF fire system (needs recert in ’23)
• LN Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit
• RSS Underdrive pully kit & belt
• Service: Motor, Trans, Brake fluid replaced after every event. Clutch/flywheel assembly & accompanying parts (pivots, fork, bearings, spring, guides…) updated to Aasco billet single mass flywheel. Clutch Master & Slave replaced, Both CV boots repacked & replaced, wheel bearings replaced & repacked (25hrs on set, 60 hr life). New starter, water pump, spark plug tubes…

Spares Kit: (including new and reclaimed/refurbed parts)
5 sets of Staggered Wheels (or 2 Square sets, 2 spares with 6 bonus 17x7s), set of sticker RS4s and all wheels have serviceable rubber, Transmission (2.7), Shift Cables, Shifter, Control Arms, Struts, AOS, Front Brake Calipers, Serpentine Belt, L&R axles, CV Joints + Boots, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Studs, Set of Brake Disc Rotors, Fresh set(s) of Pads (Pagid & Hawk), Spare rear window & more

*** "Let's go racing" Package Option: Trailer (3y/o Econo-Trailer). 22’ total length, fits in standard garage, electric brakes, removable wheel/tire rack, fuel can rack, removable fender, box, winch w/ battery, race ramps, Hunsaker quick fill cans, 10lb fire bottle, floor jack, stands, full set of tie-downs, travel ‘windows’, car cover. Great on HWY and NE roads and neighborhoods, lower profile than boat trailers & RVs. Towed with F150 from NJ to Sebring, Road America, etc…
You could trailer it out, swap fluids & pads at the track and go racing (reach out for details)

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