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11/25/19 12:44 p.m.

I ended up liking this car way more than I ever expected, but rallycross has fallen off the radar lately and I need the garage space so it's time to let this go. This car is remarkably fun and easy to drive, for rallycross and on track, and on the street for that matter. It only ever saw a handful of rallycross events, but it's undefeated including 2018 rallyx national championships and the Ohio national challenge event this year. On track I'm not sure you could get much more bang for the buck in a car that you can drive to and from the event comfortably. Fix the A/C (details below) and it's about as close as you can get to a do-it-all car. I'll clean it up properly and take better photos sometime this week. Located in Columbus, OH.



1998 Porsche Boxster, silver over gray interior w/dark blue soft top, manual trans, 135k miles



-K&N air filter

-Bilstein B6 struts

-Head unit with Bluetooth and Pandora integration

-Hardtop (dark blue, has been repainted at some point)

-Hawk HPS pads

-B&B catback exhaust

-Screen mesh in all air inlets



Done by previous owner(s):

-Air/oil separator

-Water pump

Done by me over the last two years:

-Wheel bearings

-Control arms

-Front bump stops, dust covers. strut mounts

-Clutch/pp/bearings/hardware, good used flywheel

-Engine mount, trans mounts

-Spark plugs and tubes

-Bosch MAF

-Hawk HPS pads, centric rotors, fresh DOT4 fluid

-AOS hose

-Oil filter housing

-Headlight bulbs

-Cabin air filter

-Repaired and sealed underbody panels

-Cleaned out radiators


The Bad:

-A/C doesn't work. May just need a recharge. I never looked into it because I never needed to drive it much in the summer

-Turn signal stalk recently had some kind of internal issue. Signals still work but the right side no longer auto-cancels.

-The front clip plus the driver's door has been repainted at some point. Paint match isn't amazing, and the work is just okay. Overall it's a solid 10-15 footer I'd say. No signs of structural damage, alignment is good and adjustments are pretty even side to side



Stock 16” wheels, 205/55/16 original winterforces (basically new)

Stock 16” wheels, 205/60/16 winterforce 2s (light wear)

Square set 17x9 twists, 245/45/17 RS3s (old but decent tread remaining and seem to work still), 3mm spacers



-GT3 brake scoops

-Wind deflector parts

-Stock exhaust (needs new clamps)

-New oil filter and any other spare parts I’m forgetting



$6700 full package

$5500 car w/ one set of wheels

Parts (only after car sells):

$1000 hardtop

$350/set of wheels/snow tires

$400 track wheels/tires, spacers




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