TR7 Reader
6/24/24 4:15 p.m.

We have a 1996 VW Jetta for sale. Built for Lemons. Running, driving, shifting, stopping, all that. A pile of spares. Just finished NJMP with no serious issues (alternator failure, swapped it and right back on track). Runs strong, handles well, easy and cheap to maintain. No significant leaks. Trans doesn't grind. Drives straight. Suspension is tight. Wheel bearings are good.


Turn key car ready to go with no updating or big repairs needed.


-VW 2.0

-5 speed 020, new clutch, pressure plate, flywheel

-Tuned ECU (also have stock ECU)


-Rest of motor is stock

-Hawk blue pads

-Passes Lemons tech

-Belts are good through 2025

-Fire system is brand new last month.

-Rear mounted battery.

-Have enough tires for several races. Picture of wear is after a weekend of racing, including Friday practice. 

-Coil overs with 400lb/in front and 500lb/in rear springs, very neutral handling, gentle breakaway.

-Has a title (if you want to street drive it to from track events).

-Glass is good, no cracks or broken windows.

-Chassis is good and square (got a fender dent and door dent, but nothing hard).

-Wipers and defrost are working so no issues running in the rain.

-Second set of wheels with 2 extra tires. Generally, a set of tires will last us 2 races.

-Extra trans, wiring harness, some other stuff like a water pump, ecu, tie rods, brake parts.

-Tachometer is on its way out, sometimes it works. But it has good oil pressure, runs at 180 all day.

-Separate fan switch, for when your sitting on grid in the heat.

-Current tech sticker (past tech stickers, for extra cred).

-Dual density roll bar padding is new in the critical areas.

-Seat rails and adjustable back brace, fits my 6’1” self without issue.


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