Zachary Mayne
Zachary Mayne
1/6/22 12:43 p.m.

The words “vintage Datsun sedan” generally conjure up images of that iconic box of greatness otherwise known as the 510. And for good reason: The 510 is one of the models, along with the 240Z and Roadster lineups, that made the Japanese brand so beloved by American gearheads. 


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ClearwaterZ New Reader
1/7/22 5:46 p.m.

When the Nissan Stylists / Designers first saw the Pininfarina design for the 410/411… only 1 had the nerve to criticize it.  That was Mr. Matsuo.  So when the initial sales of the model proved to be disappointing to Nissan, Mr. Matsuo was given the task of improving it.  Mr. Matsuo said he could not change the styling at that point as the car was already in production, so the cost of new stamping dies prohibited changes to the styling.


So he decided to change the “image" of the car from that of a family sedan, to that of a “Sports Sedan”. The 411 SSS was the result of Mr. Matsuo’s work. It was so successful in improving sales over-all, that when Nissan reorganized its Vehicle Development Section - Mr. Matsuo was put in charge of the Sports Car Styling Studio, which would then turn out the Datsun 240Z.

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