André Rousseau
André Rousseau Reader
6/9/08 12:22 p.m.

Total wow factor on Friday.

I had a hint of the power a few days earlier when I went for a fuel run, but Friday evening I took the GT6 out for a shake down.

What huge improvement in the car.

I was pulling up hill in 5th gear!

Just tons of power and torque.

I'm still learning how to "finesse" the new cable linkage, but like what I feel.

Still need to fine tune the carbs, the floats are dumping fuel in a bit too much. My Spitfire buddy reported I was shooting out flames when I let off the gas.

But I tell you what a way to give some new life to an old warrior.

Also, I used to get a vibration over 4K. Gone, I figure the old carbs might have been choking out at the top end.

Have a ported intake to install and can't wait till I'm done installing and setting up the JOLT dizzyless ignition system.


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