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5/8/24 8:40 a.m.

Nestled amidst nature's embrace lies a haven for racing enthusiasts and families alike: Road America. Spanning four breathtaking miles, this legendary track commands attention with its dramatic elevation changes and verdant tree-lined straights. But it's not just racers who find solace here; photographers flock to capture split-second moments against a backdrop of blooming flowers and scenic vistas. 

Road America is …

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duke906 New Reader
5/8/24 1:02 p.m.


I live in Minneapolis, 5-6 hour drive away and have been coming to the track for over 40 years.  My favorite event is the Brian Redman Weather Tech Vintage races in mid July, the 400 plus vintage race cars, cars on display downtown Elkhart Lake nand driven to and from the track (6 miles away).  My Minnesota Triumph Club friends are regulars and we have met many fun people sharing a beer and looking at the race cars.  We met a local and started talking and now have stayed in his second home about 5 miles from the track the last 6 years.  The events, Chaparral gathering, Ford GT40's ,Mark II, Mark 4's and all the major race winners, Gurney's Eagles, Shadow Can-am and F-1's ahve been breath taking, EVEN GRM shows up!!  I recommend it.

Kevin R.

Davidh0430 New Reader
5/9/24 2:04 p.m.

I used to live i southern Wisconsin till 15 years ago.  We started going to RA way back in 1959. Have been going back sense and love it. Crewed for a friend that raced a Spec Renault, drove my 1989 SHO with the Northwoods region of the Shelby Club and raced a 1984 Hoonda CRX in ITC with Midwestern Council folks for 15 years before retiring to FL.  I even have a Wisconsin RA plate on my Boxster. Great place to race, watch eat and and enjoy wonderful folks.   I drove an MG-A from San Diego to RA for a week-end of racing when I was in the Navy.  Dave

lagunamike New Reader
5/10/24 11:38 a.m.

I went to my first race at RA, the 500, when Jim Kimberly tried to push his Ferrari to his pit stall but failed. 

I started going again after high school, camping in the rain accross Hwy 57.  Then I joined WTSOA and started staying at Lakeland college and dining at Schwartz'.  I was  a member of the F & C team by then. Kept going to RA until I graduated from Whitewater State University.  I was even in "Winning" with a blue flag. I moved to the Seattle area, but made it back at least once while I was there.

I got transferred back to Chicago and became a regular at RA, became a Pit and Paddock marshall working with Maj McCarthy.  In 1975 I moved to So. California and made it back a couple times.

Living in Austin, TX now and got to drive photographers around the track for the first U. S. Grand Prix at COTA.  Been to a couple SVRA events working as Twch Inspector.  Totally out of racing noe, except to watch a GP on TV.

Miss Road America and all the people I knew back then.


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