Catch22 New Reader
9/13/22 10:23 a.m.

I'm attending this Thursday, Sept 15th, the SCCA Track Night in America at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven Mich.  I received the below attached email about a Buddy Pass for a first time Track Nighter.  I reached out to the few folks that I know in that area and they can't make it work.

So now I'm offering it up to my GRM family!  Please read the below attached info to see if it might work for you to attend!


Got Friends? Track Night is on Us!

Hi Track Nighter!

We still have some space left at Track Night at GingerMan Raceway on September 15. Guess what that means? We are super excited to offer you our Buddy Pass Special! We want to see you and all of your favorite people out there!

That means that along with your paid registration, you get a FREE entry for a friend, spouse, co-worker, neighbor, or... well, pretty much anyone who would enjoy driving on track, has a driver's license, and access to a track-worthy car.

How does it work? Glad you asked!

  1. You're already signed up for the event, so you've got step one done. Great job!
  2. Have your buddy create a Track Night account on (with their own email address).
  3. Reply to this email with your buddy's name and the email address associated with their TNIA account.
  4. We will send your buddy a code to register with for free.


  1. It's up to you to figure out who owes who money/dinners/beverages/whatever.
  2. Offer sound too good to be true? There are a few catches:
    • This offer is only valid for this event, and only until the event sells out.
    • This must be your buddy’s first time on track at a Track Night in America event. Don't worry, Track Tour laps don't count!
    • You need to contact me before the event to get your buddy pre-registered to participate, so give them a call now. Buddy passes will not be processed on-site at the event.

Have any questions? Just ask! 

Catch22 New Reader
9/13/22 10:34 a.m.

Also...after posting here, and if you can make it, please give me a call or text.  Then I'll look for your info to help get you setup.




chiquito1228 New Reader
9/28/22 11:17 p.m.

I wish i would have known about this

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