bigben Reader
6/5/20 11:46 p.m.

I'm wondering if there is an experienced autocrosser in the DFW area that wants to join a Challenge team. Specifically I need help dialing in my SR20DET powered  Opel GT. This will be the third and last year that the car will see Challenge duty. Even after two trips to the Challenge I don't think the car has shown it's full potential.  Last year a broken u-joint prevented a good drag pass, and I think there is more opportunity on the autocross course as well.  I`m a rather inexperienced autocross driver so I depend on the "pro-drivers" to get a good time. The problem is the car can be a handful and the pro-drivers don't get enough seat time with it to really be able to exploit its potential. 

So I was thinking if there's someone out there who has always dreamed of a taking a trip to Florida to manhandle a light weight, overpowered, stick axle car through a sea of cones, then I may have a spot for you on my Challenge team!

(Credit for the picture goes to another forum member who was kind enough to share all of his Challenge pics.)

Most major work on the car is already done. The suspension setup still needs to be dialed in or modded more for maximum handling, the aero package needs to be completed and installed. Some parts need to be swapped out for identical parts that are lower cost, and if all goes well there will be enough room in the budget for some ecu chipping hardware so we can tune it for more boost. (If a little overpowered is good, a lot overpowered will be awesome!) No monetary contributions to the project are required, but you will have to pay your own way to the event as well as the extra teammate registration fee. (I will cover the main registration fee.)

Oh and I've got a couple ideas for theme and concours presentation but that's still open for debate. 

PM me if interested. 

GVX19 HalfDork
6/26/20 7:36 p.m.

PM sent!

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