924guy None
5/21/08 8:54 a.m.

I need help establishing a fair market value for my 78' 924, im thinking $2008 challenge here... a little history: I bought it way back in 95 or so, restored it, gave it a custom paint job (candy apple brandy wine metallic, an early "chameleon" style paint custom mixed by a friend.) when I moved to Florida in late 2000, I parked it , by that time, it was completely "new" , and i had plans to bring it down once i had a place to keep it. things didn't work as planned, and it there is stayed until, well, yesterday! the last time it ran was about four years ago, at that time the water pump was leaking slightly, and there were a few electrical gremlins.

since then it has been sitting outside, i have not tried to start it (need to go through it first) the brakes have seized, the interior smells like a swamp and is moldy, the exhaust system is rusting badly, and there are several rust spots that have developed. the tires (brand new in 2000) are unusable, interior has humidity damage, etc, etc.. i tried to sell it several times, when it ran i asked $1500, then as time went on dropped the price. The color was not popular, though i still think it ultra unique! two months ago I had an offer for $300., gave me the gumption to bring it home....

924's i see range from $150 on up to around $2500 for really nice examples. Im fairly sure i can get her going again with some work and allot of elbow grease, but have no idea what a FMV would be for GRM challenge purposes.. So whats it worth now?

MrJoshua Dork
5/21/08 10:25 a.m.

What was your highest offer? What was your lowest listing price? Either of those would work for FMV.

924guy None
5/21/08 12:31 p.m.

i havent advertised it in years... last ask was $500, offer was $300.. im thinking ill go with $500 just to be safe, but ive polled the 924 board to see what they think as well..

fiat22turbo GRM+ Memberand Dork
5/21/08 12:33 p.m.

I bought mine for $600, running and drove it from north of Seattle to Portland without a functioning alternator and three cylinders.

Of course it came with fiberglass front and rear 944 fenders, Carrera GT nose, pop-up headlight delete, and fiberglass hood all previously installed.

It looks pretty ugly, the battery tray is eaten through, the exhaust manifold cracked, causing an exhaust valve to splinter and the wiring is a mess. When I picked it up, it had water up to the sills inside.

So I'd say $300 for one in similar condition without the lightweight parts, built-in pool and 4 running cylinders is more than valid.

if you want to up the power, I think going V8 is a great idea for the Challenge. The folks at the Porsche Hybrids board have lots of information on how to do this fairly cheaply:

Porsche Hybrids Forum

Basically, they use a Chevy 2wd pickup bell housing, build an adapter plate to a 944 torque tube out of steel plate. Then they measure the difference in length between the old bellhousing and the new due to the adapter, different clutch, etc and simply cut the TT housing down move the bearing and reweld it so that everything lines up properly. The rest is building mounts, sourcing the right headers, clutch, etc. If you'd rather use a different motor, the same basic process can be used for those as well, just choose your poison!

So I would start by finding an ugly, worn out 944 with a broken motor or is wrecked to steal parts from (better brakes, suspension, transaxle, etc) If you feel up to it, you could graft the wider 944 panels onto the 924 if you wanted as well. The rest you can sell off to recoup a little money.

There is a lot of information on the 924 site as well:

Porsche 924 Enthusiasts

Good luck! Stefan

CanexicanStig Dork
5/21/08 1:21 p.m.

I've seen multiple "2 cars for $1000" sales on ATL craigslist. $300-$500 seems right for the condition.

toyokogyo12aturbo New Reader
5/21/08 1:31 p.m.

You could look on ebay at completed items in similar condition. Print those out and you've got some proof to back up your lies. :grin:

924guy HalfDork
5/21/08 8:34 p.m.

some great insight , and much appreciated.

i actually already have a full CGT kit, but its going on the 931. i have a spare set of 944 fenders as well (in addition to the kit) , but right now, i just want to get the car in good running order, address the rust ive found, and clean up the interior. i found a snake skin in there, and a nest in the engine , but no live critters yet... it probably wont make a big impression in the drag race, but maybe i can pick up some point in the concurs and autox portions...maybe a subaru engine in the future though.. :omg:

shes cleaning up nicely, but theres a long way to go...

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