pointofdeparture GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
8/20/19 10:14 a.m.

I'll keep this short and sweet.

Cosmetic differences aside (which are subjective), for a GRM type who would be planning to do modifications and bang the car around at HPDEs, is there any particularly compelling reason to hold out for a later '03-04/986.2 Boxster S versus the earlier '00-02/986.1 version?

I know that the '03-04 cars are supposed to have 8 more horsepower but I'd imagine that could easily be rectified via the aftermarket.

AnthonyGS GRM+ Memberand Dork
8/20/19 10:19 a.m.

5 chain engine vs 3 chain.  A ‘00 may have the dual row IMS bearing.  An 02-04 will definitely have the small single row IMS bearing.  3 chain engine has more advanced VVT system and should have broader powerband.  Used 5 chain engines are more affordable if bad things happen.

Honestly, I’d look for the one with best service history, price and color you like.  I’d also pay a bit more for sport seats.  If you get one with sport seats and decide to go race seat, I’m in the market.



nderwater UltimaDork
8/20/19 10:21 a.m.

According to the recent GRM Live broadcast, the early 986 Boxster/ 996 911 engines have engineering flaws that are critical and expensive to fix. The revised engines still have some issues, but not as critical.

If you're in the market for a 986 Boxster it's worth the listen: https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/news/grm-live-6-26-19/

Javelin GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
8/20/19 11:12 a.m.

Or do like me and buy an early Boxster S with the fixes done with paperwork.

pointofdeparture GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
8/20/19 2:37 p.m.

This is merely an on-paper proposal at this point, but the common IMS/RMS/etc would be planned for if not taken care of already.

Just wanted to make sure there wasn't a "DEFINITELY hold out for ____ model year" opinion or anything else I was missing.

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