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wlkelley3 UltraDork
4/7/16 9:12 p.m.

I did blow a Miata engine a while back. Well, really a mechanical failure. Just was getting into Miata's and didn't have mine very long. A used 99 base that had about 100k on it. Had a leaky water pump and replaced it with one from AZ. Took it on a trip and on the way home miles from anything the new water pump takes a dump and looses all the coolant. Overheated quickly. Since I was miles from anyplace I drove it slow to the next exit and rolled it into a quick-mart parking lot. Got it back home on a trailer and checked the engine. Broke the spark plugs trying to get them out to do a compression test. The compression test read 0. Replaced engine with one from a 2000 Miata with half the mileage. Odometer now reads >200k so about half that on the engine. Yeah, still runs strong. Also no longer use parts from chain parts stores. Either OEM or quality aftermarket (like FM ) Daydreaming mostly about a V6 in it. Hope it isn't anytime soon as I have a couple other project going on and plans for the Miata.

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