j28d None
9/13/09 12:04 a.m.

Does anyone have a used service manual for a 2000 Bmw 528i they'd be willing to part with, know where to buy one cheap, or a online site to lookup what I need to know to replace the blower motor? I'm used to working on domestics, or japanes imports, not European cars. My father bought a 2000 Bmw 528i, and while the car is great, the blower motor stopped working. I'm not sure where to start trouble shooting or even how to replace it, and while I usually dive into my own cars and figure it out on the way, I don't want to screw up his beamer(He's waited 40 years to own one and I don't want to be the one to screw it up). At the same time, he's a retiree so he really can't afford to take it to a dealership, and I'm opposed to that idea as well considering I've been fixing my own, friends, and down on their luck friends of friends cars for 18 yrs. Any suggestions?

02Pilot New Reader
9/13/09 6:59 a.m.

Bentley is not cheap, but is the best available service manual for the E39 right now IMHO.

As to the blower problem, before you dig into the motor, the Final Stage Unit is a more likely culprit. They are a known failure point on E39s. Basically a large resistor pack and a heat sink, located under and behind the center console. Take a look at the E39 DIY section on Bimmerforums - I suspect you'll find a step-by-step procedure there, in lieu of Bentley.

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