TurnerX19 UberDork
4/28/24 6:11 p.m.

I showed 12 models, two with trailers, and shot 140 photos. Overall impression of the models was ever improving quality, especially the paint. Attendance seemed down a little from 2019, the last I attended. Still folks came from the west coast of the US and Canada. Some brief captions below the pics. I have selected my favorite 22, and will add posts if I reach a photo limit. No pics of my models here. Lots of new faces, and overall slightly younger crowd, but not enough Juniors still.

An amazing fade job, beautiful woody, and the best pearl pink ever on a drag Vette. 

Jim Ferris likes the Tamiya Mini kit. The green one has a Lancia Stratos rear clip and power train.

Hell Cat powered early Chrysler 300

This table has a lighting problem from the windows, but "Hauling the Mail" had to be photographed.

Not all the perfect paint was shiney paint. Note the A/C delete plugs on the core box. Beater details.

More spectacular paint. All the photos are 1/22-1/25 scale, although others were present.

A dose of AMC.

The decal liveries for the GT cars are spectacular.

Lots of NASCAR. Probably two race grids worth from the Winston era. 

Modern Ferraris were well represented.

Two shots of Vince Lobosco's Ferrari 250TR. This is the Hasegawa kit with every available upgrade part as well as one of the best builders.

One Cadillac seems to have provided the tail of the dragster and the nose of the hauler.

Haulers are a theme for next year, but everyone seems to be warming up to it!

Lots of Volkswagen, air and water cooled. This triptych came down from New Hampshire.

3D printed Jocko dragster.

11GTCS SuperDork
4/28/24 7:17 p.m.

In reply to TurnerX19 :

Love that Hellcat powered Chrysler 300.  Thanks for posting all the great pictures! 

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