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bcp2011 Reader
4/24/19 4:05 p.m.

Even if the hood had to be higher by a couple of inches, I'd be perfectly happy to trade that for a straight 4 and/or turbo.  

I was reading about someone doing a K24 swap and it mentioned that the engine was something close to 100lbs lighter.  I'd be really, really happy to trade 100lbs for a marginally higher CoG, not to mention an engine that'll be far easier to work on, etc.

joey48442 PowerDork
1/5/22 4:57 p.m.

Hey guys!  Thought I'd update this old thread. I *still* have the FR-S!  And I still enjoy it very much!  It hasn't really needed much other than a read wheel bearing, and I found a guy with who had put some aftermarket coil overs on his when brand new, so I bought his stock shocks and struts, and that was a nice replacement for my 85k mile oem stuff. Also my right tail light has fogged up, but I hear it's common on those to have a mount crack. But she's been dead reliable with only maintenance. 

but I still love this car just as much. I call it an extended cab Miata. It doesn't really have any bad habits or any real issues. Still like the seats, still gets decent mileage and pulls as well as to be expected. 

i put a set of Kumho ps31 tires on it and that was probably the worst tire I could have picked. They are squirmy, seem to have excessively soft side walls, are basically always losing traction, are horrifying in the rain, and suck so bad as a summer performance tire that they actually work ok in the snow. But I have my Michelin snows on it now. It's wonderful in the snow. The stability control makes it extremely easy to just aim the car and go. 

i will likely replace this cat with a newer one when this starts to get up there on miles. The only car I'd consider is an ND, ultimately. 

thanks for reading!  I really think this is the car that would be designed if I had a committee to design a car for me. 

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