I have a couple motorcycle stands, and one of the nicest of them is a Pit Posse stand which works really well except for the fact the tread on the wheels is made of some sort of crumbly substance that has mostly cracked, chipped, and fallen away to not much of anything. Last time I used it, the wheels are so flat-spotted with chunks missing, they won't turn. The wheels are done sort of hard rubber or phenolic over a plastic center, with a bearing at the axle.
I need some replacement wheels. Typically Pit Posse sells replacements, and they are also listed on Amazon, eBay, etc, but all of those sources have been out of stock for six months straight and I'm tired of waiting.

I don't really care if the wheels are  plastic, iron, resin, rubber over a ___ core, or whatever, they just need to fit. I'm okay with bearing, bushing, or just center-drilledas the load isn't much, and the distance rolled is inches or maybe feet. My Google Fu has failed me; here are the dimensions:

-5" outer diameter (plus or minus a half inch or do should also be fine, an inch plus or minus might be pushing it)

-0.5" axle/center hole

-1.25" width (and I could squeeze a 1.375" on there, or shim a 1" or 1.125" width no problem.

-The stand has four wheels, and holds one end of the bike, and my heaviest bike is around 500-520 pounds sopping wet, so halve that, divide by four, and a 75 pound load capacity per wheel should be plenty.

McMaster-Carr has nothing. The local Industrial Supply we use at my work can get wheels with the correct dimensions except  2" and wider, or 7" and larger, or both, but nothing close enough on all dimensions. I went to our largest local hardware store, and scoured the caster wheel and related section to see if there was any assembly I could rob, but everything was either correct but with a tiny center hole and too small in diameter, or correct but too wide by a factor of two or more. I even tried going bigger in the axle to see if that helps, and buy or machine a spacer, but with bigger than 0.5" axles, the wheels quickly start looking like hand truck wheels, not caster-wheel-sized. Can anyone recommend a source?

CJ (FS) GRM+ Memberand Dork
11/16/21 12:08 a.m.

These are 5"x 1 1/4" with 1/2" bore with the sleeve removed



Sweet; thanks for the tip!

Patientzero Dork
11/17/21 4:11 a.m.

All of my motorcycle stands look like they have either skateboard or rollerblade wheels.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone; I've ordered the wheels CJ linked above. They are 1.5625" wide at the hub, but the rest of the dimensions are spot on, and I figure I can do a little grinding/drilling/turning of some sort to bring the centers down to 1.25"

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