I really enjoy my current job working for the North American distributor of the world's finest automotive seats. We are a very small dedicated team, getting people into super-comfortable seats, and having fun along the way. We've been busy enough that we are looking to add someone. Our core markets are vans, overland vehicles, and 4x4s, and we may venture a bit more into the sports car/Porsche market soon.

We’re hiring for a warehouse specialist. The main component to the job is monitoring incoming orders, picking the individual parts, packaging them up, and shipping them out. Familiarity with hardware and mechanical assembly are a help. In addition, there is receiving work, checking quantities, labeling, putting away. Also organizing in the warehouse, and monitoring inventory levels. Ability to lift 60-70 pounds and forklift operation (or a willingness to learn) are essential. One other component is occasional upholstery-related tasks, such as measuring and cutting upholstery materials, and partial removal and reinstallation of seat covers. There is flexibility in the schedule, location is our warehouse in NE Portland, OR.

We work hard, but we also take a moment to relax. There are cool cars around. Sometimes we crank up the tunes. Feel free to contact me if you if it sounds interesting!

pheller UltimaDork
12/5/22 11:37 a.m.

What's the pay range?

In reply to pheller :

$20-$25/hr DOE

Thanks for your interest; the position has been filled! Our awesome small team slowly grows and continues to move the business forward. We're on an upward trajectory, so if this sounds interesting to anyone arriving at this thread down the road, feel free to reach out, we may have additional opportunities in the future!


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