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Ok, time for part 2. My gifter knows I'm into bracket racing, so he included some brackets. I'll put them on the shelf I build with 2 of them:

on the level though, the pre-chewed foam element in the filter really sucks:

(Note in pic above there's a level, a rodent-friendly air filter, and a mini shop vac hose).

Next up are some long-ass lag screws, photo printing paper, a couple square feet of carbon fiber cloth and a dedicated pair of scissors, a banjo style carb fuel inlet, and a sweet old-school Hurst T-handle shift knob:

A tire marked not for highway use (dammit, how did they know?!?!):

tape measure, jig saw, inside corner mud tool, hitch pin, and a couple more stickers:

and the real gift, I mean truly the real gift: the Bar Master World Globe Drink Dispenser.

Perfect for the next White Elephant party I get dragged to. :-)  thanks, brother Patrick!

Recon1342 SuperDork
4/3/22 10:40 a.m.
Recon1342 said:
Ashyukun (Robert) said:

Still no change in status on the box I sent... I had planned on calling the Post Office today to try and get them figuring out WTF was going on with it, but of course they're closed today so that will have to wait until tomorrow now.

Put together a supplemental small Priority Mail box and went to mail it Saturday- but while I was able to get the postage label from the self-serve kiosk at the Post Office when I went to drop the package in the drop box it was either full and jammed closed or locked. We would have trekked across town to another Post Office but had just gotten our Covid booster shots and wanted to get back home before any side effects hit (both of us were pretty much taken out for the following day after the 2nd shot, and correctly assumed that the booster would have the same result), so the box will be going out tomorrow and should hopefully be there by Saturday. 

Did you ever hear anything from the post office? 

I wonder if there's an alternate dimension full of missing mail... 

Bueller? Bueller?

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