Tony Sestito
Tony Sestito PowerDork
2/16/21 4:44 p.m.

Some of you may know that I am an aspiring automotive journalist on the side. I really love it, and I feel extremely lucky and humbled that I've been able to do it. I have mainly written for and I've even written a few stories for GRM in the past.

Lately, I've been thinking of trying to expand on that with some other media, namely audio and video. As much as I love writing, I am thinking that the classic car blog's readership rate is probably on the decline, so getting my feet wet with other media may be a good idea.

For the sake of this thread, I'm thinking of branching out into podcasting.

Yes, a million others are already doing it, and I'm WAY late to the game, but I do have a few strong ideas/concepts that I think people would really enjoy. I have familiarity with audio recording, as I used to be in a band and our rehearsal space doubled as a recording studio, and recording myself blabber about stuff is much easier than spending 4 hours chasing the right kick drum sound. I already have some recording software and a nice set of in-ear wireless buds that have 4 mics built-in that get me praise with my conference calls on the day job, so I can use those to get me started.

I have a few friends in the podcasting game, and they have given me some great advice so far, but I figured I'd toss this up here to see what suggestions people might have. I figure for now, I could do some test episodes on YouTube and then branch out from there with a service like PodBean. I'm still very much in the exploratory stages of this possible venture, so any suggestions would be welcome. smiley

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