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ignorant SuperDork
7/17/08 8:36 a.m.

From the.. good luck buddy file..


Chris_V SuperDork
7/17/08 8:45 a.m.
stuart in mn wrote:
petegossett wrote: I'd posted well over a month ago about a BMW 750IL I'd heard about through a friend. It's a 1-owner, low milage, all dealer maintenance & reciepts car. They can't find anyone interested in it.
At any given time it seems like there's one or two 750iL's on my local Craigslist for a few thousand bucks. There's one that was on there for a year or so; it kept changing hands and the new owner would immediately put it back up for sale. Finally a friend of mine bought it and parted it out. They're great cars until something breaks, and then they become a black hole you throw money into.

Those are probably E32 versions, which are definitely cheap, being at least 3 bodystyles back and the newest is14 years old. E38s 750s are still more expensive, as are teh E38 740s like mine.

And they are only holes to throw money in if 1) they havne't been relatively well maintained, and 2) you have to have the dealer do the work for you (where you WILL get raped for prices). My 740 had 143k on it when I got it and it has been cheap to own and maintain. And I LOVE driving it.

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