greggearhead Reader
11/15/22 1:36 p.m.

I bought out a Porsche racing shop years ago, and sold a few other sets of similar wheels for wide body Porsches.  These are a more race centerlock/6 pin hub setup, and couldn't find a buyer, so I made them into end tables for my living room.  Worked great, everyone comments on how cool they are (car buddies).

However, I am rearranging the room, and got some different ones.  

They are 15z12 and 15x10 wheels, new, never used.  Beveled glass tops with small pads.  Wheels are bolted together with 3 threaded rods and nylock nuts - have never loosened up.  

Easy to break down and ship at buyers expense, UPS insured.  

934.5 917 908 911 rs  rsr 930


greggearhead Reader
12/5/22 4:27 p.m.

Still available.

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