ddavidv UltimaDork
5/22/23 5:12 p.m.

This thing has sat in a cabinet for probably 20 years. Photo from the interwebz of what it looks like:

Backside, with pin printout (not mine, but identical):

I have a new in the bag wheel sensor kit and the plastic plug for the back as shown above. I *may* have instructions somewhere of how to operate it. It was a used item when I got it and I've never plugged it in to power. I believe it worked fine as the person I got it from was not a shyster. It has those three screws on the back to mount it...somehow. 

I used to be really into TSD rallying and got this to move to the next level, but never did. This is something probably not worth much. It needs to find a new home. I hate it when people say "make me an offer" but I didn't even see any on Ebay to get an idea. So, make me an offer. smiley 

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