ToManyProjects Reader
5/29/23 1:04 p.m.

It's about time for me to sell my former DD Miata, I've owned it for a decade, and I'd appreciate some feedback on the car's value

The car is a 97 NA. 175K on the chasis, refreshed (bearings, rings, seals) OEM motor 20k +/- miles ago. The car has a mostly stock interior with reskinned (leather) seats, DSM dash vents, upgraded to power windows, and a few other minor things. The car also has GAB adjustable shocks with FM springs, a JR supercharger and supporting mods running 8 PSI ( pulleys, Fuel card and JR adjustable boost/retard box). The car also has a factory hardtop. There's no rust or major damage, but the hood is a replacement and there are a few minor dings and dents around the car. The paint isn't the strongest, but cleans up okay.

I suspect that the car is probably worth about $8K as it sits?

I suspect without the supercharger, suspension and hardtop it would be about a $7K car?

If that's the case I'll return the car to stock and sell the supercharger setup, suspension, and hardtop separately.

What does the hive think?

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