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rico750sxi_2 Reader
5/23/20 7:46 p.m.

Spring time track maintenance was performed as normal with oil/filter, brake fluid, and rear differential fluid changes. I also added a transmission fluid change to Redline D4 ATF which did seem to make shifting a bit smoother although I replaced the lower shifter box this spring too which made a difference too. In addition as I mentioned, I added stage three front and rear aero to my car and changed out the front brake rotors which had quite a few heat stress cracks in them. One last thing I did was add the duct to cool the power steering motor.

First the brake rotor change:



Power steering motor duct and front undertray:


Oh, and I bought a QuickJack which is just awesome. It has been flawless with no leakage from any fittings or other issues of any kind. I am very pleased with the unit and would recommend it to anyone. Got is at CostCo online for $1099.


rico750sxi_2 Reader
6/19/20 3:08 p.m.

I had another very fun track day this past Monday (6/15/20) at New York Safety track and set another personal best. My buddy Dan joined again and he set a personal best too. I am so impressed with his 1LE Camaro, it handles so amazing for a 3600+ pound car. So, my new personal best is either 0.8s faster than my last or 3 seconds faster depending on what you trust. I was using the built in PDR to lap times and also using the HotLaps app with an external GOS received. My best through PDR was a 1:35.1 and my best with HotLaps was a 1:33.7 which is flying and doesn't match any other lap recorded using the app. I'm going to say that it is bogus although it looks really good. 

In the final session Dan and I went out together and played follow the leader for the session allowing each one to take the lead every two laps, it was a blast. Here is the video from both our in car cameras for that session:


My best session was actually the second of the day and I actually had two laps in the 1:35 range in this session. I improved a lot regarding staying on the gas longer, not costing as much, and braking harder. I still have a long way to go in this regard but it was an improvement. My lap data from my previous best showed I was on the gas for 17.5% of the time and the best lap this time showed me on the gas for 21% of the time.

Here is that session, my PB is at the 3:30 mark:


Other things to note from this track day; my new front brake rotors are starting to show tiny, heat cracks after two track days. I will have to keep an eye on that. The car needs to be stiffer, I am eating up my front fender liners and doing some research it is pretty common on non Z07 cars so I will probably be switching to Z07 springs in the off season. 

Other than that(which is made worse by my slicks being slightly wider in front and slightly taller) the car has been flawless on the track. It just runs and runs and eats it up without issue. My next days are July 17th at NYST, August 2nd at Pocono, and August 29th at Watkins Glen.


rico750sxi_2 Reader
1/22/21 11:10 p.m.

2020 was a great year (says no one!!) at the track, I went to NYST 3 times and each time I set a personal best, since my very first time there I have knocked 8 seconds off my lap time.



Went to Pocono again which was supposed to be the Mega but was changed to IMSA double infield which I actually loved. Oh, my wife did a ride along with me which was awesome, she is such a good sport. I had a GoPro pointed at her and her expressions say it all!!


Here is my best session of the day which was on SuperSports, it poured while getting the car off the trailer and while I switched off of the slicks and it poured when I loaded the car on the trailer too. 


Had a great trip to Watkins Glen again with my buddy Dan, we had walkie talkies for the ride out and back and its amazing how much that changes things, Stupid fodder ensued for sure. 
I improved a lot at WGI compared to last year but there is a long way for me to go still. Those walls still are in my head!!


I finished the year up at NJMP on Lightning which was such a fun day. 

Video of my best lap, and much to the current theme of all my laps, there is much improvement to be made. 


I have to say that I have not met one bad apple at any of the track days I have attended thus far. Everyone in the pits are always so nice and helpful. I have learned a lot since I started three years ago and continue to learn each time I go. I have learned a lot about how to have a successful track day too and none of that has involved on track learning. For example, I used to have a huge headache by midday at each event. I now may much more attention to my water intake and try to have a small snack between each session. I've learned to check the car more often too between sessions. This is because at Lime Rock I had to miss a session due to changing tires when I discovered a front tire was corded 5 minutes before I was due on track. This was also after a 2.5h break for lunch and a NASA race. Very dump on my part for sure. Also, I really enjoy working on the car off the track too and planning for the new year's track season helps me stay out of a winter funk. 

Also, thanks to the wonderful guys on here on the Corvette Forum I continue to learn and I've got my car set up properly. My car as it sits now at normal ride height:

Thanks for reading if you've made it this far, I really appreciate it!! 

rico750sxi_2 Reader
1/22/21 11:32 p.m.

This past season I also upgraded the sway bars to Hotchkis sways both front and rear, the rear is adjustable. I'm very happy with this change and how the car reacted to it. 


Thus far the only thing I've done is get a new tow rig(!), 2021 GMC Sierra AT4. It has diverted my attention a bit as I have installed a Gibson exhaust, roll up soft tonneau, tinted the windows, and swapped the wheels out for MotoMetal MO970's. I've also leveled it an inch and along with the factory two inch lift has the ball joint angle a little more than I like. That, along with a friend just suffering a ball joint failure has me installing a set of Cognito upper control arms. This will ease my mind a lot especially when towing the Vette. 

Here it is when I brought it home:


Here it is now, I love the looks of this truck!!


so far I've purchased one set of slicks for this upcoming season and have selected 4 dates I want to definitely hit. Regular fluid changes will come this spring and I may look into a few durability type mods. Oh, and a new front splitter because mine is sandblasted from the track. I'll have the new one PPF'd before the install. 
Thanks again everyone for reading!!

rico750sxi_2 Reader
1/22/21 11:41 p.m.

I got a chance to do my first tow with the new truck when my daily beater died(2004 Volvo XC70) so I dragged it off to the scrap yard. I then went and picked up this beaut:


a very clean 2004 Grand Am GT that was lovingly cared for and has a log of all repairs and maintenance performed. It's been a great car thus far for the two weeks I've been driving it. 

oh, and the editors at the CorvetteForum wrote an article about me, I was very flattered!!




rico750sxi_2 Reader
3/25/21 6:53 p.m.

Not too much to report other than my first two dates are booked, May 14th at NYST w/ S2k Takeover and then May 16th at Pocono (mega) with HOD. It’s a busy few days but I want to go on the Mega layout at Pocono and they canceled the July date due to a conflict. 
Also, this year I will be swapping to 2018 and up auto radiator and 2017 and up supercharger. Everything is ordered and will be here by the middle of this week. I’m not sure when I will do the install, it might wait until April because I’m on vacation for a week then. 
I have also but a full set of Pirelli scrubs, a new RF inner fender and spat because both were destroyed before I corrected the ride height. We will see how long they last at the correct ride height. 
The rear diff fluid and brake fluid arrived this week and I already had the oil so all of that will take place in April too. 
Finally, I ordered AirRide airbags for my truck to keep it level when towing. Those have also arrived but I’m not sure when I’ll install those either.

jfryjfry (FS)
jfryjfry (FS) Dork
5/14/21 2:18 a.m.

Did you get it all sorted out??  Ready to rock?

rico750sxi_2 Reader
6/1/21 10:49 p.m.

Thanks for asking, I've been meaning to do a full update on CF. Swapped the SC, radiator, fender liner, and spat. Had two great days so far capped off with a final session on the tri oval at Pocono, 172mph!!

I was also happy with how I did on the road course at Pocono, I felt I was a bit more aggressive and I turned PTM down to Sport 2 which I was pleased that I finally tried it. 

I've also added a stone guard and storage box to my trailer and rear load leveling air bags to my new truck. Man, I love the way that 6.2/10 speed pulls the car.


jfryjfry (FS)
jfryjfry (FS) Dork
6/5/21 10:51 p.m.

Well I guess it's a good thing that the thread title is not very applicable anymore. You're tearing up the track in that thing!. Tell me a little bit more about the power steering duct under the car.

rico750sxi_2 Reader
6/6/21 12:05 a.m.

Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes I feel like I've improved a lot and other times I feel like I have so far to go. For example, my first track day this year at NYST, I just couldn't get within 1.5s of my PB there and just felt off. In fact, my buddy drove my car for a session and set a better time for the day than I did. I'm back there next week so I'll see how I do. At Pocono though I felt much better. 

The power steering duct is actually a rear c6z brake duct cut and then plastic riveted to the under tray. There's a TSB for it, here's a link from the CF forum that outlines it all and includes the TSB. 

rico750sxi_2 Reader
6/15/21 7:16 p.m.

I’ve been owing an update for a very long time, so much so that I was beginning to dread how long it was going to be. I’ll outline the off-season and preseason upgrades, changes, and prep.
- rock guard on open trailer
- tongue box on trailer.
- flush mount D rings on trailer
- air bags on rear of my truck(not much to write about that)
- 2017+ supercharger change
- 2018+ auto radiator
- right front spat and fender liner
- fluids
- first two track days

rico750sxi_2 Reader
6/15/21 7:22 p.m.

The rock guard was purchased through this Corvette Forum after I saw it come up for sale. The only problem being it was about 5 hours away from me. Fast Eddie I had put it up for sale and we started a dialogue and tried to figure out a track day where we could meet up but ultimately I decided I didn’t want to risk losing it to another buyer so I decided to drive to him with my utility trailer in tow to pick it up. The guard was exactly as described and Ed was wonderful to meet and share stories with. I really hope we can meet up at the track sometime.

The following day my dad and I mounted it to the front of my trailer but that meant my front tie downs I use and my winch were no longer useable. It also meant I could no longer carry my second wheels and tires like I do.

First item I tackled was winch relocation with a buddy of mine. We moved the winch plate to in front of (behind?) the stone guard and then mounted the winch. I still have to permanently mount a battery box for it but for now three bungee cords work. After the winch I decided to mount a large box on the tongue so I could move much of what I carry in my truck bed to the box because I now need to carry the wheels and tires in the bed. Oh, my new truck is 1/2 ton crew with 5.5’ box so space is even tighter than before with my last truck. Finally, mounting the flush mount D rings which my left hand still hurts from when the hole saw caught and whipped out of my hand. However, I’m very happy with how it all came out and the functionality of it all is great. Oh one last idea, I screwed four eyelets on the trailer for my race ramps, more room in the truck!!

The only picture I have of the air bag install on the truck was of my placement of my fill valves. I’m kind of proud of that one, I think it looks clean. The airbags work well, were easy to install, and the truck rides level and rides well.


rico750sxi_2 Reader
6/15/21 7:27 p.m.

Next on the list was updating (swapping) to a 2017 and up supercharger.


Removal and replacement was easy thanks to a great youtube video on Katech's page. However, imagine my surprise when my car wouldn't run. Turn over, start, fart, belch...die. Okay, disconnect battery for a bit, try again...same result. Hmmmm... what did I forget? Send some emails and PM's...wait for results (thanks Bill Dearborn for the help). While I was waiting for a reply I was looking at the pictures I took of my original supercharger as part of sending it back for core. Should that gasket still be there? Was I supposed to swap it? Uh Oh, pull off the supercharger lid, look through the bypass valve and sure enough, no gasket on the PCV

Well, I guess I get to see if I can remove the supercharger quicker than last time. Text a buddy to stop by for a quick hand lifting it off, swap out the PCV gasket, reinstall, and sure enough, running great now. So, it was on to trying to fully bleed the IC circuit. I used the often mentioned method of a hand vacuum pump, running the car periodically, adding, repeat, etc. While I wasn't able to get the air pocket down to the size of two quarters, it is darn close and much better than what it was stock. Here's a look at the car in my driveway which is a hill along with the front jacked up. It worked fairly well overall.

I had pulled the right fender liner for access to the IC tank knowing I was replacing it anyways so that's exactly what I did when I was done bleeding. I also replaced the spat and stage three end plate at this time.

After this I swapped out the radiator to the newer, larger auto radiator. No issues with this swap at all once I got the original radiator unclipped from the AC condenser. I didn't take any pictures of this, I am a terrible blogger.
The final item was rear diff, engine oil, and brake fluid changes which went exactly as described at the beginning of this thread.

rico750sxi_2 Reader
6/15/21 7:37 p.m.

I had my first track day of the season at NYST with S2K Takeover which, as I mentioned, is a great group with small run groups. As in 12 cars in the advanced group. I did not manage to set a personal best but was fast enough to win the hot lap challenge for the open group which gets me $50 my next track day with them. I also let my buddy drive my car for a session and I drove is 1LE. He was fast in my car (he's more aggressive than me) and I thought his car was great on the track. Here's a video of his session as I still haven't uploaded any of my sessions yet. I did compare them to my last trip to NYST last year and I was much more aggressive last year, not sure why other than just because it was my first trip out this year.

The day at NYST was Friday (which was also my wife's birthday), had dinner with my wife (and her twin sister), and all our family for her birthday that night, then I took off for Pocono the next day. The event at Pocono was with HOD and was the MegaCourse layout and I felt I drove okay. My aggressiveness was better than it was normally and I knocked 8 seconds off of my PB from last time I was there. Two downsides from the day; really large run groups and RAIN. However, the rain wound up being a blessing because nearly everyone left. The sun came out, the track dried out, and as you'll see in the video, the track was failry empty. The  video of the session is above after the rain and this is a cropped version which is my best lap.

The car ran great both days with coolant temperature reaching a max of 217*f between the two days. This was spring time weather conditions and temperatures though so we will see how it is in the summer. I have never overheated or had to back off to cool the car but did reach a max of 237*f coolant temp last year in the heart of summer at WGI. I added the new SC and radiator to give me a bit more headroom just in case.
Here are a few pictures from both days.
Doing it for Dale:

Holy tape Batman!!

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