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In The December 2015 issue

Pushing It To The Limit: Going Beyond 200 MPH

What does it take to triple the speed limit on a budget?

Featured articles
  • Absolute Velocity | Jerry Hoffmann puts his tuning skills to the test with a 200 mph land speed Nissan 240SX.
  • E30-Chassis BMW Wagon | Many dream of importing a Euro-spec BMW wagon, but Motor Trend ’s Jason Cammisa actually did it. Here’s how.
  • Factory Fierce | Ford’s Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R: off-thelot track specials with off-the-wall performance.
  • Vintage Views | Porsche 924S
  • Dyno Secrets | 13 easy tips for a successful dyno session.
  • Suspension Snafus | Are these 6 common setup mistakes costing you performance?
  • Just Add Water | A water/methanol injection kit may be the tuning aid you need.
  • M-Provement | Part 6: Our BMW M235i breaks bad with some tuning and a new exhaust.
  • $1000 Miata | Part 1: We set out to prove that a $1000 car can be a worthwhile project.
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