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In The August 2016 issue

Chevy LS-Powered Mustang!?!?

Fearsome Ford is a transplanted terror!

Featured articles
  • American Revolution | Doug Schenck unshackles his Mustang Cobra from tradition with a monster Chevy V8.
  • Miata Offroadster | A Miata that can handle anything, including some sweet jumps.
  • Exocets | Remember the days of affordable, trackable kit cars? They’re back.
  • Specialty Insurance | Many of our favorite cars finally qualify for better, more affordable coverage (and other facts a cartoon gecko won’t tell you).
  • Studebaker Racer | Welcome to the world of LeMons, where a Studebaker can have a new lease on life as trophy-winning endurance racer.
  • Vintage Views | The Consulier GTP: exotic, rare and bargain-priced.
  • Street Tire Shootout: Class of 2016 | Part 2: Head-to-head autocross testing.
  • Project CAM Mustang | Part 1: Choosing a Mustang to unleash on SCCA’s anything-goes CAM autocross class.
  • Go Mess With Your LS | 22 companies with the latest hop-ups for Chevy’s ultra-versatile V8 engine.
  • Shop Talk | A visit to Heidts Automotive, plus 4 ways to save on some killer car stuff.
  • Tech Tips | Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
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