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In The February 2017 issue

Project Car Madness

• How to build it • How to test it • How to do it on a budget

Featured articles
  • $2016 Challenge | 10 seconds for two grand? Believe it.
  • Vintage Views | Jaguar XJS: A GT machine worthy of your P.I. dreams.
  • Do-It-Yourself Testing | You don’t have to be Consumer Reports–or even GRM–to conduct your own product test.
  • Project Rotary Miata | Part 3: Let’s hear that rotary run.
  • Project CAM Mustang | Part 5: Expanding our power curve with long-tube headers.
  • SEMA Sights and Sounds | 23 cool car items for all makes, models and tastes.
  • KMiata | Honda-powered perfection?
Project Cars
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