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In The May 2017 issue

Your First Hotrod

It’s never too soon to build your first performance project

Featured articles
  • My First Hotrod | Gasser? Chopped? Fenderless? None of the above. Jack Heideman’s S52-swapped E30 embodies the current state of high-school hotrodding.
  • Millennial Falcon | Calvin Nelson and his homebuilt Chevy LS-powered Studebaker represent a second generation of GRM $2000 Challengers.
  • Teen Machine | One man’s longterm love affair with his 1967 Chevy Camaro, a high school ride turned track car.
  • More From Less | Experiencing the new Porsche Cayman S and its turbocharged engine.
  • Vintage Views | Mercedes-Benz 500 E: Looks like a sedan, goes like a sports car.
  • Project Triple Threat MX-5 | Part 2: Opening the exhaust and dropping the wheel diameter.
  • Project SVT Focus | Part 4: Maintenance for our rallycrosser.
  • Project CAM Mustang | Part 7: Damping our chassis with MCS shocks and struts.
  • Swap Science | Part 8: That swapped engine isn’t going far without a cooling system.
  • Project Ramp Truck | Part 1: Our quest to join the world of hitch-free towing.
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