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In The December 2018 issue

DIY Projects

Hop-ups and maintenance you can do at home

Featured articles
  • Got Boost? | A Group of GM Employees Takes on the V8 Field With a Four-Cylinder Camaro.
  • American Endurance Racing What happens when hobbyists in homebuilt machines and pros in factory-backed supercars share a track for 18 hours?
  • Classic Cool | The second-generation Honda CRX.
  • How to Paint at Home | Step 1: Preparation, preparation, preparation.
  • DIY Home Alignment | Get your wheels all pointed the right way.
  • Project Ultimate Corvette | Part 6: Keeping our alignment stable.
  • Bend Better Brake Lines | 8 secrets you need to bend and flare pro-quality brake lines.
  • Project 318is | Part 3: Building a stout BMW bottom end.
  • Americas Rallycross | Is the one-season-old series sticking around for the long haul?
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