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In The August 2020 issue

Unicorn Found

This rare Alpina sleeper hits 172 mph.

Featured articles
  • Anonymous Alpina | Is this Alpina wagon the perfect mix of a sleeper and a unicorn?
  • Death Trap | We ride (and survive) a snowmobile built for Florida.
  • Sim School | real-world winning?
  • Outside the Econobox | Built for Time Attack, this Ford Festiva is a mashup of Mazda, Kia, Geo and more.
  • Play It Safe | Before heading out for your next event, take a long, hard look at your safety gear.
  • What Makes a Racing Brake? | Street or track? The Ford GT’s brakes change with the specific mission.
  • Braking News | What’s new in the world of brake products?
  • Brake Fluid Q&A | What’s the deal with DOT 4 and more?
  • Project Ultimate Corvette | Part 16: Is crate great? We weigh rebuilding the old engine against ordering a fresh one.
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