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DIY , Sponsored Content , Welding , Fabrication , Miller Electric
How to fabricate your own welder tool tray

Miller Real Garage host, Andy Weyenberg, explains how to weld a tool tray for the top of your welder–and what you need to complete it.

DIY | Sponsored Content | Welding | Fabrication | Miller Electric | Wheel Stands
How to fabricate your own elephant wheel stands

If your lift is occupied or you don’t have one, learn how to make elephant stands. These taller wheel stands not only look like circus elephant stands but they'll support …

Staff Writer
Toyota | Turbo | DIY | Tercel | Your Projects | Turbocharged
This Toyota Tercel features home-brewed turbo power | Your Projects

Meet Earl, just one of the Toyota Tercels Malibuguy has collected.

David S. Wallens
Honda | DIY | Civic | type R | Honda Civic Type R | Model | Papercraft
Can't wait for you own Civic Type R? Built it today (from paper).

Does building a papercraft model of the new Civic Type R count as working on a project car?

Colin Wood
Toyota | DIY | rust | rust repair | Your Projects | Carburetors | Corona | Toyota Corona
Learning how to fix rust–by diving in headfirst | Your Projects

Like learning with your hands? So does BlueInGreen - Jon, who just acquired a 1969 Toyota Corona to learn more about rust repair, carburetors and cars built before the ’80s.

Colin Wood
DIY | repair | Fiberglass | Shop Work
How to fix fiberglass

Have some fiberglass that needs fixing? Here are a few web items that should help with the repairs.

David S. Wallens
DIY | Shop Work | Machining | Coming Soon
Put down the angle grinder and learn how to machine parts at home | Coming Soon

Think you need a machine shop and an engineering degree to make precision parts at home? Think again.

Colin Wood
DIY | Foam | GRM+ | Seats
How to make a custom foam seat insert | Read now with GRM+

Expanding foam might be just the thing to stop you from bouncing around in that bucket seat.

Colin Wood
DIY | Paint | Shop Work | paint damage
How to fix that paint chip–without going to the body shop

If you drive your car at all, it's likely to get a paint chip. Here's the DIY way to fix those chips.

Colin Wood
DIY | kit car
What is your favorite oddball kit car?

When it comes to kit cars, there are no wrong dreams–some just seem more refined than others.

Colin Wood
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