$2000 Challenge , Tire Rack
$2000 Challenge: Limited spots are filling up fast

Don't wait–spots are filling up quickly for our $2000 Challenge.

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electric , Electric Cars , ev , Discussion
What’s your ultimate EV?

If you could design the perfect electric vehicle for yourself, what would it look like?

Mazda , Miata , Mazda Miata , Carolina Motorsports Park , Lucky Dog Racing League , Lucky Dog
Our V6 Miata: Lucky Dog at Carolina Motorsports Park

Adding a few finishing touches before our V6 Miata does battle this weekend in the Carolinas.

Elva , Restoration , Project car , Vintage Race Car , Elva Mk VI
Watch us turn this pile of parts into a rare vintage racer

Did you know we're in the middle of restoring a one-of-30 Elva Mk VI–that's also a long-lost Sebring 12-Hour entry?

Hyundai , electric , Electric Cars , Ioniq 5 , Hyundai Ioniq 5
Hyundai Ioniq 5: A too brief encounter that left us longing for more

Our only complaint about the Ioniq 5? We'd like more time with one.

Ginetta , SRO Motorsports Group , SRO , Ginetta GT Championships
Ginetta enters three-year partnership with SRO

Motorsport brand Ginetta today announced a three-year partnership with SRO Motorsports Group.

Chevrolet , Corvette , Chevrolet Corvette , NCM Motorsports Park , Reverse , Guinness World Record
“Fastest Mile in Reverse” record set at NCM Motorsports Park

A peak speed of 53 mph at NCM might not sound like much–until you factor in Scot Burner was driving in reverse.

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