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$2000 Challenge , Low-Buck Tech , Tire Rack , Low-Buck Racing , #LowBuckWednesday
Are you faster than this automotive melting pot? | #LowBuckWednesday

For less than $2000, Ben Lewis was able to construct this Opel GT with car parts from around the world, including turbo Nissan power–so what's holding you up?

$2000 Challenge | Low-Buck Tech | Tire Rack | Low-Buck Racing | #LowBuckWednesday
Think you can outrun this twice-abandoned Merkur XR4Ti? | #LowBuckWednesday

Wyatt Fletcher didn't let years of setbacks stop him from competing in the $2000 Challenge–so what's stopping you?

Colin Wood
Colin Wood
24 Hours of Lemons | Low-Buck Tech | Low-Buck Racing | Thunderhill
One weekend only: 24 Hours of Lemons to run multiple layouts and directions at Thunderhill

Coming this February and for one time only: Multiple layouts and directions at 24 Hours of Lemons at Thunderhill.

Colin Wood
$2000 Challenge | Low-Buck Tech | Low-Buck Racing
Mark your calendars! The $2000 Challenge moves to May

Our annual celebration of cheap speed moves to Memorial Day weekend.

Colin Wood
$2000 Challenge | Autocross | drag racing | Low-Buck Tech | Tire Rack | Gainesville Raceway
Part Subaru 360, part Le Mans Prototype, 100 percent winner | $2000 Challenge Results

Congratulations to nocones, creator of the LMP360, for creating one of the wildest $2000 Challenge winners.

Colin Wood
Colin Wood
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