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$2000 Challenge
Merging a free, vintage kit car body with an unlikely donor to create a $2000 Challenge champion

Insane creativity along with a 150 mph trap speed highlight this year’s $2000 Challenge.

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$2000 Challenge
Over 40 teams have registered for the $2000 Challenge, but who will be the winner?

Over 40 teams will descend on Gainseville Raceway this weekend to find out who has built the fastest car for less than $2000.

$2000 Challenge
Why enter the $2000 Challenge? How does the chance to win two free turbos sound?

$1000 in cash, a welding table, a replacement fuel tank, a universal turbo and four free tires are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to prizes you …

$2000 Challenge , Merch
$2000 Challenge hoodies | Be warm, look like a boss

Stay warm while you compete on the cheap with our new $2000 Challenge hoodies.

$2000 Challenge
Valve Cover Racing returns, plus more $2000 Challenge updates

It's official, Valve Cover Racing returns for 2021.

$2000 Challenge
Don’t pay more, register for the $2000 Challenge by October 9

The price to register for the $2000 Challenge goes up after midnight on October 8, so why wait?

$2000 Challenge
More than 30 cars confirmed for the $2000 Challenge | Is yours next?

We have over 30 teams signed up to compete at this year's $2000 Challenge, so what are you waiting for?

$2000 Challenge , Civic , Honida
Can you build a race car the night before the event? | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

This year's $2000 Challenge parking lot build? This '06 Civic. We're told it seems to run well.

$2000 Challenge
Save even more money by entering the $2000 Challenge by September 22

The entry fee for the $2000 Challenge goes up after September 22. Enter now and save some coin.

$2000 Challenge , Mini , Cooper S
Too late to start a $2000 Challenge build? This Mini says otherwise. | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Why start building a $2000 Challenge Car months in advance when you could start weeks ahead instead?

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